Root: the Kickstarter table game reaches its goal a few hours after its launch

Root: The role-on-table game, based on the famous root board game: a Woodland Might and Right game is scheduled for next September. Kickstart Campaign Achieving its funding goal in a few hours. Less than one day after its launch, Kickstarter not only exceeded its target of $ 10,000, but has already collected more than $ 120,000, which is enough to achieve all the subsequent targets announced.

In the original root plateau game, players control factions of adorable wood creatures as they are a horrible war for the control of the wild nature in which they live. Less than a year after its release, root has already accumulated a considerable number of rewards and successfully funded two Kickstarter extensions.

Root: The TTRPG Working Group will turn the game settings into a full-fledged role-playing system, offering players an overview of Woodland from the angle of a single character, rather than an anonymous creature army. The game is based on the Powered By the Apocalypse rules, which is also at the base of popular games such as Dungeon World and Monster of the Week. The game will include six playable classes, with six others in an extension book. The expansion also has rules on the use of the board and Trpg game in the same campaign.

The Kickstarter, which opens until mid-October, offers options ranging from $ 20 for PDFs of the rules booklet and up to $ 200 for standard luxury and mapped copies, as well as many bonuses like Plastic cards and custom cubes. There are also optional additions, such as a set of equipment cards.

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If you want to know how the game is played before separating from your hard earned money, go to your Kickstarter page with a video of a real game session and a free copy of the developing document. Set of fast start rules is available on DriveThrurpg.