Bundesliga theses for the 22nd matchday: very easy! So the VfL Bochum overflowed the FC Bayern

The VfL Bochum cracks FC Bayern with simple means and a no name in midfield. The VfB Stuttgart has emerged in the striker choice for the relegation battle and in Wolfsburg and Berlin you already notice the Kruse effect. The theses for matchday.

1. VFB Stuttgart: The mistake with Faghir

Tiago Tomas has now passed one and a half games for the VFB Stuttgart, taken more exactly 99 playing minutes in the Bundesliga. And now the Portuguese is the most successful Stuttgart attacker of the season. Together with Omar Marmoush and the immigrant Hamadi al-Ghaddioui, Tomas is in the internal striker ranking at the top and that describes the Stuttgart Malaise quite well.

Even more clearly, the chronic problems in the offensive, if one leads to the previous career of another supposed hope. Wahid Faghir had briefed the VFB shortly before the transfer in summer from Denmark in response to the just as heavy as tedious injuries of Sasa Kalajdzic and Mohamed Sankoh. Until a clear moment at the gate against Union Berlin, Faghir was so far as a quick help.

Even after two-thirds of the Siioson, the VfB is still waiting for the 18-year-old to finally adapt to the changed framework conditions in the Bundesliga that he increases his exercise river, even more on himself and his body works.

On Saturday, Faghir did not kick in the BayArena against Leverkusen, but in the Schlienz Stadium against the second team of Mainz 05. And that, though, with Kalajdzic and Marmoush two attackers in the professionals once again performed. Regionalliga instead of Bundesliga: Wahid Faghir remains an almost five million euros expensive misunderstanding.

2. Bochum’s easier plan – and Patrick Osterhage

To win against FC Bayern is a very difficult undertaking. The FC Bayern beating with a team that consists of the Gros average Bundesliga players, almost impossible. And yet that’s the VfL Bochum succeeded.

Trainer Thomas Rice has grabbed the obvious and perhaps particularly simple means, which can be applied to a seemingly overpowering opponent. With a locked center, a healthy dual-fighting hardness in the defensive, a maximum switching tempo and depth runs in the offensive. A little luck to a Bavarian team, which was definitely not quite at the height – and the small sensation is ready.

Especially the Bochum deep runs, the Bavarians have caught cold again and again, a small personnel trick of rice had greatly reinforced this style. With Patrick Osterhage Bochum coach threw a player in the game that Bayern had not on the bill. Osterhage was strongly bothered on the eight brutally and destroyed many approaches from Munich dominance in the center alone through its aggressiveness and has been a very long-range game.

And forward, he repeatedly supported the colleagues Holtmann and Antwi-Adjei with an additional deep run, which Bayern could not take up fast enough. A great game from Osterhage, who first stood in Bochum’s starting in front of it.

3. Hertha BSC will change the trainer again

Tayfun corkut has, of course, difficult starting conditions: he is employed by a club that tracks no real strategy or even organically grown philosophy. He has taken over a team that is not “his” team. Except for the pair of winter transfers, cork has no single player with, let alone suggestions for the conversion of the squad. And for the starting position – Korkut took over the Hertha in 14th place – he could not do anything.

Now Kulkut has also been allowed to try nine games to finish the curling course of the Hertha. The success remains not only manageable, so slowly the pressure is always bigger. The defeat in Fürth was a reflection of the last two, three years. Inexplicably, how easy the team was to impress the last.

VfL Bochum - FC Bayern München 4-2 | Highlights | Matchday 22 – Bundesliga 2021/22
But not new, fans of Hertha know services like these only to meet. A victory in Fürth was actually scheduled firmly, the eleventh saisonied lay lines caskets dropped to 1.0. There was the most scared predecessor Pal Dardai with 1.08 points this season was a little better.

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Above all, it is the non-measurable development, which gives great cause to worry. Corks Measures Pad in beautiful regularity, individual players are used on rather inappropriate positions and in the end missing the necessary points. Berlin is after the VfB the worst team of the second half and it would not be a big surprise when cork does not experience the end of the season as coach of Hertha.