Dungeon search RPG “Both hands full of fogs” to Nintendo Switch / Steam to deliver March 10. Seeking the seeds of hope and capture the underground labyrinth

Our Active Gaming Media Game Publishing Brand PLAYISM announced on March 3, “ A lot of hands full of fogs ” will be delivered on March 10. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam). The regular price is tax-included 1870 yen, and a 10% off launch sale is scheduled to be released. In addition to the announcement, the Nintendo E shop and STeam have published trial versions corresponding to handover of save data to the product version.

“Both hands full of flowers” are 3D dungeon search RPG, which capture the underground labyrinth for visionary species. The stage of this work is a world where people society are threatened for many years due to soil pollution. The era of major disasters, the lowest layer of a labyrinth was used as a treasure bridge for rent. In the lender, the alchemist of the alchemist has a lot of boxes, and there may be a seed of a crop that is resistant to poison. The survey team collecting knowledge and magic items will leave to a Hirobe Island to get the seeds left by the alchemist. The player will aim to be the lowest layer of the underground labyrinth as a member of the survey team.

Monsters live in the underground labyrinth that once there was a treasure store. Players organize three party and challenge the dungeon. While fighting against monsters, we will solve the device to promote the capture of the underground labyrinth. The battle of this work is a stamina’s factor in the turn system command battle. Consumption stamina is set to actions such as normal attacks and skills. Stamina can recover with basic commands, but if the stamina breaks, the action is limited, so it will be breathtaking.

In addition, in this work, the enemy’s attack target and the hit probability are displayed on each turn. Character skills include skills to prevent attacks, such as avoidance to lower enemy hit rates, and skills to prevent attacks on ally. By choosing a defensive command for notice, it will attack. The strategy over defense and stamina will be the key capabilities.

Also, when the party is organized, first select a class and appearance by character makeup and create a party member. Classes are 8 kinds of Warrior / Night / Cleric / Sherman / Ranger / Logger / Wizard / Sorcerer. Different features are prepared for each class, such as a ranger that manipulates a party that protects a party and a recovery magic that can be used to manipulate a bow or a beast, and so on. Skill tree growth elements are also adopted, and you can challenge the dungeon with your favorite party and skill organization.

The appearance of the character is the tribe / eye / hairstyle / baggder / skin color / eye color / hair color / coverage can be set respectively. The race is six types of oak / wood elf / noome / dark elf / goblin / dwarf / human, and 11 types are prepared including no hairstyle. It is a simple graphic, but in limited freedom, it can express the individuality with skin color and hairstyle.

Developing this work is the domestic personal developer PON PON GAMES. Healer perspective strategy game “Healer is died twice (a Healer Only Lives Twice)” released in 2016. Thereafter, this work has been developed due to a period of four years or more. “The healer is died twice” at STeam, with 79% well received within 151 user reviews, and the status is “somewhat good friend”.

“Both hands full of pussy flowers” are usually 1870 yen including tax, and scheduled delivery of March 10 for Nintendo Switch / PC (STeam). At both stores, trial versions corresponding to handover of save data to the product version are being released. In addition, in the official Twitter of Playism, the “Boiled Boiled” present campaign to commemorate the release is underway. Following the TWitter account of PlayISM by March 16, 5 kg will be presented to five by lottery from being a lottery that follows the target tweets and retweeted.

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