Old Spice Game Aren

We have all dreamed of participating in tournaments of any video game to demonstrate that we are the best and that we can reach great instances, it is currently that young people develop as professional players but there are also amateur competitions where fans can seek glory in addition to some Awards that encourage much more.

** Old Spice Game Aren The best players in the different disciplines that will be within the event.

To be able to register all you need is to enter the Old Spice Game Aren, Argentina and Chile. **

Within the games that we can find for the challenge we will see the great exponents of Riot Game:

  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Teamfight Tactics
    * Legends of Runaterra
  • Wild Rift

Every week the challenges will focus on a different game, so you will have the opportunity to show your skills in each of the available titles. Within the Old Spice Game Arena 2022 platform you can follow the challenges every week, and once you complete some of them you can raise the evidence to continue accumulating points in the competition.

Old Spice | Будь на коне: на спорте и вне!
Remember that you will have to stay within Top 8 to have the opportunity to win some of the incredible awards. All challenges accumulate points, so you can’t stop participating.

All participants will have the opportunity to win very impressive awards where the first place can premiere a totally new Setup Gamer, the dream of any fanatic and that will now be possible thanks to the challenges. Old Spice Game Arena 2022 is the competition you were waiting, with a fun and exciting amount of challenges that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in the best Riot Games games.