Elden ring in VR: First gameplay

Since the release of Elden Ring in March, we enthusiastically trudged through the intermediate country, explore every millimeter, search for secrets and enjoy great views. But how would that only be if the immersion is raised to a whole new level because we get the feeling that we are traveling even in the mysterious world? A well -known modder wants to make this possible.

VR-Mod presents itself in the video

That’s what it’s about: As far as Elden Ring is concerned, we have already seen a lot: crazy challenges like the Popo-Pflatscher-Run, painted content, unveiled secrets. The VR-Mod, on which Lukeross works, is something completely different. The modder is known for such projects and has already developed VR implementations for Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5.

If Elden Ring was a VR GAME
This can be seen in the video: In a first two-minute video we get a little impression of what it could be like to experience the action RPG in virtual reality. We see the path from the point where we wake up, to the chapel of the expectation, where we are attacked by the transplanted sprout. The fight is over pretty quickly. Some of you should be familiar.

Here you can see it yourself:

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Link to the YouTube content

It looks great: The video gives me an idea of how cool it could be to explore the intermediate land in VR. This becomes clear when the first item is collected and it is possible to take a closer look at the body of the finger cub we find. I could imagine that in some places of the game it could even be a little scary to explore everything so immediately.

I am just imagining how I will bend around a corner in a dark walk in Villa Vulkan and suddenly attacked by a nasty screaming opponent, which I look directly into his burric face.

the big question mark

I imagine exploring that, but when it comes to fighting, I have so many questions. What about the alternative role that – in the truest sense of the word – plays such an important role? Do I have to hand over?

But even if a different solution is found, in which I don’t get the feeling of rolling over, it is clear: the fights in Elden Ring require super fast reactions, movements and overview. It depends on precision. The short combat intermezzo in the video is not enough to judge how well or bad it works. However, I notice that I can hardly see “my own” weapon.

It remains exciting: I am very excited to see how Lukeross will implement the fights in his mod and how playable they will be. At the moment I still have the impression that we could need a spit bucket and chocolate against the frustration, but I am excited to see what the modder is delivering, because a VR trip to the intermediate country would be pretty cool.

Now you are asked: Do you find a VR version of Elden Ring conceivable and what do you think the fights would have to be implemented to work?