Announced the new game black clover

Currently, the developer Vic Game Studios and the Editor Pearl Abyss are working on a new video game based on the popular Anime Black Clover. Mobile Black Clover will be launched on iOS and Android devices in 2022 in Japan. At the time of writing this article, a launch was not yet announced outside the region. However, given the global popularity of the series and the manga that inspired it, it seems very possible that it may end up located at some point in the future. Hopefully, the fans out of Japan will not stay waiting for the game for a long time!

In addition to the ad, Pearl Abyss has launched a fairly significant advance for Mobile Black Clover, which can be found embedded below.

Black Clover Mobile - 1st Official Trailer | NEW GAME 2022 ブラッククローバーモバイル
As we can see in the trailer, tribal black Mobile is a role game in which players can visit key moments of the series again, as we have seen in games like Dragon Ball z: Pavarotti. While Asia seems to be the main protagonist of the game, it seems that players will have the ability to unlock several characters that cover the series, possibly in a manner similar to impact of Gen shin. Beginning around the two-minute mark, we can see several shown characters, each with season one in their profile, possibly indicating the first batch of characters that will be available.

With a bit of luck, mobile black clover will be up to the promise of your trailer! In recent years, some Black Clover games have been released, including those of 2018. Black Clover: Quartet Knights at PlayStation 4 and PC. Estate can now be played in Salto, although that game will be eliminated from the digital stores in February 2022, so the Black Clover fans who have not had the opportunity to see could want to do it in the near future. It could spend some time before mobile black clover throwing out of Japan, but meanwhile, readers can check our previous coverage of the series right here.

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