ELDEN RING legendary vase, finally to officially recognized … Former swords and thanks to the official -Defeat more than 2,000 powerful latter half bosses

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This article contains the spoiler of Elden Ring.
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Elden Ring Klein TSUBOI, a player who has been talking about in the overseas community, reports that the promotional goods of this work arrived from Bandai Namco in the United States. did.

On April 13, local time, a guest who claims to be Let Me Solo Her is summoned by Mr. Sazed813, who was struggling with a boss who could fight in the latter half of the ELDEN RING game. A report was written to the overseas community.

According to the report, It was a character equipped with two swords that did not wear anything other than the pot above the head. The community is a big topic in terms of almost no damage. Mr. Sazed813 said, I may not see this message, but I am grateful for your kindness, but on the same day, Klein TSUBOI plays himself as Let Me Solo Her in the community. It was revealed that the uploaded video was confirmed to be the person.

Due to its impact, Let Me Solo Her became a case in the community, and on July 4th, while the users who create their parody activities and fan art appeared, more than 2,000 people were the same. It is reported that you have defeated the boss.

LET ME SOLO HER is still attracting attention, but on July 7, Klein TSUBOI showed a promotional goods on Twitter that only distributed by some industry officials received from Bandai Namco in the United States. 。 The tweet has a message with illustrations from BANDAI NAMCO, spelling appreciation for the episodes and communities that seemed to break in Dark Souls III.