Destiny 2

Guide to prepare for the new raid in Destiny 2: equipment, materials, pumping strategies and much more

Bungie produces a new raid shortly after the release of the 18th season in Destiny 2. Although we do not know a specific raid at the time of writing this article, we know that this will be a repeated Destiny raid. There are currently rumors that this is King’s Fall or Wrath of the Machine. Fortunately, regardless of the raid, the preparatory work is approximately the same.

Destiny 2 Season 18 Preparation for raids

When does the raid of season 18 begin?

The raid will begin on August 26, 2022. This is three days after the release of the 18th season on August 23, 2022.


Many seasonal modifications of artifacts enhance the capabilities of machine guns. To have a collection of various machine guns and look at them seems reasonable. We recommend Thunderlord, Commemoration, Seventh Seraph Saw, Recurrent Impact and Fixed ODDS. They cover each of the elements and exotic.

Otherwise, in Wrath of the Machine, reconnaissance rifles are given preference, and you will need something that can cause great damage to the final battle of King’s Fall. Get ready to feed Orix Debuff of Divinity if he is stupid enough to show his face again.

alignment strategies

The accumulation of awards is always the key to the beginning of the new season. This will allow the guards to quickly increase the level of seasonal artifact and get all these wonderful mods, such as a double lightning blow and a splitting look.

Of course, you will also want to do these weekly peak actions in order to pump your level of light to a potential maximum. The planned restriction will be 1560 energy units during the first 24 hours, while the competition mode is active. Speaking of the maximum level, make sure that you have stocked up the improvement modules to maximize your equipment.

Get this weapon and armor


Trinity ghoul *-powerful and great for cleaning.
Riskranner -looks like an absolute jaggernaut with increased ARC.
Thunderer -Raise the thunder and stop the champions of the overload in their way.
* ONE-Two PUNCH ARC -One-Two Punch, most likely will become popular this season. Look for ARC shotgun, such as Dead Weight and First Out, complementing ARC 3.0.

Exotic armor

Hunter *
* The handshake of the liar
* The hood of the killer
* The heart of the inner light
* Insurmountable fort of the skull
* AC d/0 Feedback Fences
* Kirasa falling star
* Crown of storms
* The escape artist

* Claws ahamkara

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the Sundering Glare Mod mod in Destiny 2, explanation in the game guides for professionals.

Lost Ark makes fun of new classes, revealed roadmap

_ ARCA lost_ Players will soon see the next game roadmap to get a preview of some content planned for April and May, and with that a look at some classes that will then join the MMO. Smilegate RPG did not specify which classes would be on that road map or tracks on the roles or when they would be launched, but the classes were not the only fragments of content that mocked the incursions and the continents and more will also be established. Included on the road map.

Conversations about the road map and classes presented indoors were shared in a Smilegate publication that started the month talking about the main problems facing the game. While getting a new road map is not a problem in itself, some players may have problems with the fact that the April and May road map will not reach April, while this type of roadmaps generally share A lot of anticipation. Smilegate recognized that frustration and said he hopes to “prioritize quality and accuracy about delivery speed”.

Lost Ark | Roadmap LEAK and 2 New Classes Revealed!

A date has not yet been given for the launch of the next roadmap, but Smilegate did a preview of the previews that will contain. Smilegate, naturally, warned that the content shown on the roadmap can be adjusted or moved according to the comments received from the community, but it seems that the preview of the content of the next two months will have a lot to wait.

“When the road map arrives, it will provide an advance of the upcoming classes, incursions, continents and other updates that we intend to launch in our monthly content updates of April and May,” said Smilegate. “It will not share each change or include each event, troubleshooting or improvement of the quality of life included in weekly updates during those months. You may even change according to the data and comments we receive ».

It seems to be worthwhile to wait for classes, incursions and more, and the promise of more changes and events not included in the road map should give players some surprises during April and May. Again, a launch date for this roadmap has not yet been established, but it is expected that the next arrive before the months that it is supposed to cover.