All IMC Armory locations on Storm Point in Apex Legends

IMC Armories is an expansion of the card for Storm Point added in the SEason 13: Saviors update. They will allow players to fight in PVE battles against several waves of ghosts. Remember that the battle will last 60 seconds, so you need to be full of health before entering the weapon. The ghosts of IMC weapons warehouses are the fourth attraction of PVE on Storm Point after Flyers, Prowlers and Spiders. IMC arsenals are scattered across the map, and they are not in the center.

All locations of the IMC arms chamber

In total, IMC Armory has four locations. You can find each of them in the area marked on the map, or through the descriptions of each location in our marked list.

  • Located to the west of the wall, northeast of the checkpoint and east of the northern site.
  • Located southeast of the thunder and east of the thunder patrol.
  • Located north-east of the Senot cave, northwest of the barometer and southeast of the mill.
  • Located east of the Gail station, west of fish farms and south of the launch site.

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