“Mutual wish” is true: Hiller extended at 1860 Munich

Hiller is a self-generation of the Giesinger, since his 11th year of life plays the keeper for the former Bundesliga club. Now that 25-year-old has extended his contract, for how long, the TSV did not join.

1860 MUNICH: El otro equipo de la ciudad bávara y rival del Bayern
“Marco has already given a clear commitment to the TSV 1860 Munich. I am glad that we have managed it thanks to the steady support of the entire lion family and our two shareholders to fix the mutual desire for a long-term cooperation,” Sports Chief Günther Gorenzel is quoted in a message. Hiller is “an absolute service provider” and team player. “I am sure that he will continue to develop in the future and thus becomes more valuable for the team when he is already.”

The club is not only my sporty home, but for me something very special.

Marco Hiller

Hiller, who dates from Gröbenzell at Fürstenfeldbruck, went through all the youth teams of the Lions in the 2010s, before he gave his professional debut in 2017 after the crash in the Regionalliga. Since then, the 1.89 meter Great Cover is indispensable from the gate of Giesinger. In this season, he ran in 28 third-league matches (TSV note 2.84), only a red-lock prevented at the beginning of the season that he was in the field in all spot match lots.

“I have been playing at sixty for 14 years now, the club is not just my sporty home, but for me something special,” says Hiller. “That’s why I’m totally convinced and very happy with that, my contract, despite very attractive offers to extend just at this stage of the season.”