Mario Strikers: Battle League would have microtransales

One of the most pleasant surprises of the Nintendo Direct of the past February 9 was the revelation of Mario Strikers: Battle League . This is, the dear football franchise will be receiving a new delivery this same year at Nintendo Switch, and according to recent classifications, the title may contain microtransractions.

A classification by the ESRB specifically mentions that the title will have “purchases within the application”:

However, the classification of Pegi does not mention this, only says there will be things like “ violence “, so we will have to wait a little longer to know if _ Mario Strikers: Battle League _Si will have microtransales or not.

The trailer revealed that the initial character roster will be quite limited with only 10 players to choose from. Because of this, we should not surprise us if Nintendo decides to sell additional characters such as DLC, but I repeat, this has not yet been confirmed to one hundred percent.

_ Mario Strikers: Battle League _ It comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch next June 10.

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Editor’s Note: It would make sense that Nintendo would like to add more characters as DLC, although the community will surely not be very happy with it. If it was a free-to-play experience there would be no problem, but here we are talking about a game that will be sold at full price.