Jahn Regensburg: Selimbegovic before fighting game in Sandhausen

Three mandatory game defeats in a row. So many have had to accept John Regensburg in the current second division season first. The bad out of the point of view of the initially so well-launched Upper Palatine: This statistic corresponds to the current series. One who is to be terminated for the former league leader in the away game against the SV Tannhauser on Sunday (13.30 clock, live! At Sandhausen).

Against the abandoned Cur finals (16th place), coach Selimbegovic wants to work with his team Everything that we point out. Because for the Bonier the league is not secured despite 28 counters and 8th place. This very good round can also be a trap, we can not rest, we are warned that we all have to be at 100 percent, in every workout and in every game, he said at the Game Takes Press Conference.

We must not rest. We are warned.

Perseid Selimbegovic

So that it works with at least one counter against the VS, Selimbegovic again demands more straightforwardness in the game. Most recently, the team played too much across. He also worked with the team in the winter break on the consequence and the compactness in the append ant’s appeal.

How we trained the two weeks, with the focus, concentration and greed, that’s very, very positive, the currently satisfied coach added. Nevertheless, he expects a difficult game and assumes that it is not a treat by the space conditions in January. Rather, we introduce ourselves to a combat female game in which Tannhauser will try to bring us into two-fighting, which we accept and have to lead consistently. Even the standard situations on both sides could be crucial.

Best suffered Fibers — Besockkow back

In Tannhauser can not help the continued red-locked attacker David Otto and Jan-Niklas best (small fiber dissection after the test match against Darmstadt), Joel harmony (individual training after late return journey) and Christoph Moritz (cold). Max Bassoon, who had failed at the annual financial statements against Darmstadt (0: 2) in the short term, but makes a very good impression and will be in the squad.