Netmarble Game Concert, Password Asset, Meta Bus, and Game Linked Development

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation held the 13th Netmarble Game Concert on the 25th through the meta bus platform ‘Gather Town’.

The second game concert this year under the theme of ‘Game &’ was attended by Kim Joo-han, director of Netmarble Metabus World Business Development Office, and Jeon Joo-yong, a professor of economics at Dongguk University.

Kim Joo-han, who lectured on the first part NFT & P2E, and Meta Bus, took a look at the concept of Metavus and NFT and P2E game trends, and had time to predict whether the meta bus era would arrive.

Kim Joo-han said, The direction of the blockchain content must be competitive and development of the content itself, not just mining, and each content should be easily adapted and intuitive. You should be able to enjoy it comfortably. He then said, We need to increase our accessibility so that everyone can enjoy the fun of the content and enjoy it.

In the second part, Professor Jeon Joo-yong gave a lecture on the theme of ‘The Future and Game of Cryptography’. In a game that is a typical virtual world, attempts to include cryptocurrency assets such as NFT and cryptocurrency as a game component, and the possibilities and problems of these challenges, and what kind of relationship between future games and cryptographic assets should be. I had time to think.

Professor Jeon Joo-yong said, Password assets and games have been in crisis, showing their limits to growth, and they can be a breakthrough that can complement each other’s weaknesses. If you provide it, game items and game money will have true assets.

The Netmarble Game Concert is an open forum format social contribution program that invites experts in various fields from 2019 to share the game industry trend and future vision and share experts with experts. Since last year, it has been online to prevent the spread of Corona 19.


For more information, please visit the official website of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation. The last game concert can be viewed on YouTube channel Netmarble TV.