BVB star Schlotterbeck: Of course its a dilemma

Nico Schlotterbeck from Borussia Dortmund criticized the honor of the World Cup to Qatar.

All of us know that the World Mug does not come from Qatar. We know that the Globe Mug does not belong in winter months, yet in the summer, claimed the 22-year-old in the ZDF ing activities’ studio.

I assume as an athlete it is the greatest goal of being there at a World Cup. When the World Cup was awarded to Qatar, I was extremely young, I had no influence on anything, of training course it’s an issue.


If Schlotterbeck is chosen by nationwide coach Hansi Flick, after that I give a lot for my nation that people in Germany are simply delighted. That is why he truly wanted the Globe Mug, even though these differences with Qatar are.

Qatar is wrongly criticized

The World Mug host is frequently criticized for offenses of civil rights, as well as it is everything about the situation of visitor workers.

The Emir of Qatar, Tamil container Haman Al Than, had actually complained today that the nation is facing an unmatched campaign that no host nation has ever before experienced.

The Globe Mug in Qatar will certainly happen from November 20 to December 18.

How to open sealed gray doors in the tunic

Traveling in the world of tunic, you will probably come across puzzles. One of the first to which you may encounter is large sealing doors.

how to open sealed doors

Most of the tunic opens things for themselves, including these large doors covered with labeling. Fortunately, you can easily force them to open up for you and take the treasure inside. You can open these doors, Interaction with them And then Pattern drawing on the door with your Cross or arrow keys . Following this line will lead to the fact that the doors will open, allowing you to enter.

How to open grey sealed doors in TUNIC

In some cases, you will need to enter the code side of the door , but it is not always clear which code should be entered. As you do, trying all templates on the door – a sure way Make it open . You can also find this advice on p. 43 Publishing User Guide .

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