Bierhoff: Spain not exactly our desired opponent

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Oliver Bierhoff would have wished for a different opponent as Spain in the group stage when drawing up. “The Spaniards are not exactly our desired opponent,” said the functional of the DFB the Kicker: “With them we had some difficulties in recent years.”

The 53-year-old think about the semi-final defeat at the 2010 World Cup or to the 0: 6 debacle in the Nations League 2020. “If you can not grab you, you run after them, then they will take you with yours Technically strong and agile players tired, “analyzed Bierhoff. You have to be tactical and physically well prepared.

A quarters for the World Cup in Qatar are not yet fixed. The tendency go “already north.” The much discussed Zurlal Wellness Resort, which is to be similar in approaches to the famous Campo Bahia in Brazil, could be too far from Doha. But you will be thoroughly considered thoroughly. A decision must be deposited until 30 April at FIFA. In addition, the DFB is currently working on the new President Bernd Neuendorf currently “very seriously and deeper with the situation in Qatar” and thus become “a position”.

It is good, “if the existing problems are discussed to the World Cup and also during the tournament from different perspectives,” Bierhoff said. In June, you would therefore also want to deepen the discussion with the players. “We also want to talk to people who have worked and lived in Qatar and receive authentic reports.”

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For Bierhoff, the tournament in Qatar becomes his fifth world championship as DFB official. On the title in 2014 in Rio followed the bitter leaving in the 2018 group phase at the World Cup in Russia.