Dialga vs palkia which bright diamond and glossy legendary is better

Pokémon Bright diamond and Pokémon gleaming pearl have arrived and Singh’s classic Pokémon are here. Fans’ favorites, such as adorable incoming, Crank, Lucio and more, are back at home. However, if you are here, you are probably thinking deeply in the legends of the boxes of both games: Di alga and Polka. In this guide, we will review both Pokémon, and we will give you our best answer to the question of what is the best bright diamond and legendary bright pearl: Di alga or Polka?

DIAL GA vs PAL KIA — What is better in Pokémon Bright diamond and Pokémon pearl gleaming?


Let’s start with a brief description of Di alga, the legendary bright diamond. Di alga is a Steel / Dragon type that is a solid defensive type that dialog combines with voluminous defensive statistics: DEF BASE 120 and SPECIAL DEP SPECIAL BASE.

Di alga is able to hit like a truck regardless of the type of attack, but it adapts better to special attacks because their SP. ATK is established in a monstrous 150. The same is true for Polka, so that it is true.

In the photo: Di alga (left) Polka (right)

Di alga also has access to a wide variety of movements by using MT. You can combine powerful dragon movements such as Draco Meteor with Flash Cannon to defend you of all kinds of fairy that threaten to block your dragon movements. However, your movements to level up are not the best, so be sure to save some MT for that.

Di alga’s largest defect is its low base rate that, at least compared to other powerful legendary, is quite bad to 90. Of course, compared to what you will fight in history, that’s it. Quite enough, so do not do it. That. Worry about that. But if you plan to get serious, the speed of 90 will be a problem if you face other legendary.


Polka, the Shining Pearl mascot is the water / dragon type. Like Steel / Dragon, this is a solid defensive blow and a slightly better offensive blow to begin, since water attacks are generally more useful than Steel in anything other than fairy.

Polka has access to many of the same movements and MT that Di alga, in addition to having easy access to powerful water movements such as Hydro Pump instead of steel movements such as Flash Cannon. However, in general, they can have sets of similar movements.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Which Legendary Is Better Dialga Or palkia?)

What distinguishes them, however, is that while Diana is a bit more voluminous with higher HP, Polka is faster. Usually, in the competitive scene of Pokémon, the speed is the king. Even a base speed difference of 10, in this case 100 of Polka at 90 of Di alga, is an important difference that allows Polka to move first against a series of possible threats.

The verdict

In general, at least on paper, Polka is the best legendary in Di alga.. However, the warning is paper. It could be said that Polka has a slightly better set of movements, base statistics and blows, but everything depends on how the rest of his team looks like and what he will probably face.

In some cases, the Steel / Olga Dragon type and the unique attacks of it can be better adapted to the team, so everything is reduced to the formation of equipment. Di alga is also incredibly powerful and capable of cleaning the ground of 99% of the existing Pokémon.

Ultimately, there is no clear, correct or incorrect response. Neither of them is going to repent, it is just that Polka is a bit easier to fit into a competitive team that dialog, that’s all. If you do not care, you’ll be fine anyway.

That’s all for What a legendary bright pearl and bright diamond is better, polka vs.Diana. To get more frequently asked questions and other tips, tricks and guides, visit our Wiki from the Pokémon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond guide and check our review to know all our thoughts about these remakes.

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