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The best assembly of Mario at Mario Strikers: Battle League

There are ten characters to choose from, and each of them has different characteristics, and the assembly guide can help players decide which equipment is best suited for the chosen character. Skills and characteristics play a very important role in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Characteristics of the character determine how well it can be used in the match and what will be his best game.

Basic Mario Statistics in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario has excellent characteristics of shooting and technology. This allows him to be strong on the field. The use of equipment that increases these two characteristics can make Mario even more dangerous for opponents.

strength *: 11
Speed : 12
shooting : 14
Passage *: 10
Technique *: 16

Best Mario Builds in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Best Technical Bill Mario

Mario already has a high indicator of technology, so some players may want to diversify its parameters. This is an option, but the doubling of the technique can simplify the use of Hyper Strike Mario, which means that it can type guaranteed glasses.

Chapter *: Stuffing helmet
Hands *: Stuffing gloves

body *: notebook for tricks
Legs *: Shoes for tricks

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The best balanced build mario

Mario has a high indicator of technology, but otherwise he is a rather balanced character. Players may try to make his characteristics more balanced, which will make him more universal in the match. This is a great idea for players who like to perform many different roles in the game.

Chapter *: Muscle helmet
Hands : chain mittens
body : chain plate

* legs : no equipment

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