Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game Publisher apologizes for game errors and promises reprints to customers

The editor of Dark Souls: The Rol Game has promised to correct the errors discovered in the basic rules book of the game and send reprints. Last month, Steamforged Games launched Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game for customers who already have copies of the game. Last month, SteamForged Games launched dark Souls: the Rol game in the United Kingdom. The first buyers of the game noted numerous inconsistencies and errors in the basic rules book, ranging from typographical and spelling errors to inconsistencies in the functioning of the rules along with the Dragones and dungeons 5e assembly of rules around which the game is built.

After a REDDIT publication that compiled the errors became viral and several articles were published about the errors, Steamforged apologized for mistakes and inconsistencies and said it would repress the book after the revisions were made. The company also pointed out that it would send replacement copies to those who already have one of the two versions of _Dark Souls: The Role Book game was not provided a timeline for these replacement copies, although Steamforged declared that it would provide Updates so Soon how they had details.

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The full statement of SteamForged can be found below:

_In SteamForged Games We would like to issue a sincere apology for the mistakes that have come to light at Dark Souls ™: The Roleplaying Game. We want to thank the community for all the comments we have received through our customer service channels and online. We are listening to your comments and we recognize the importance of the problems that have emerged.

Let’s make clear that we take this issue very seriously and, therefore, we have decided that the best course of action is to order reprints from the book, issuing replacement copies for those customers who already bought or ordered the standard edition and / o Edition of collector._

_ The same applies to the PDF version that we announce earlier. Each client who buys a copy of the printed rulesbook will get a free copy in PDF, with a release date and details on how to get your copy soon.

We have a little patience as we collect more detailed information about these reprints, the deadlines involved and the best way to make sure to solve this for each affected client. As soon as we have these details, we will let you know. Meanwhile, if you have any problems or ask, contact us through _The support _.__