Elden Ring: The coolest optional endpoints – my 5 favorites under the secretibas

Whether in the substrate, in dungeons or on the open field – in Elden Ring we meet tons of optional bosses. Not a few we even fight several times in different variants. Some of these miniboses were more likely to feel like some bigger “normal” opponents, while other struggles represented real epic highlights.

Here I tell you, which of the optional endpoints I liked the best and where you can find them. But beware: especially a certain lady has it!

Spoiler warning! The article contains spoilers to secret areas, boss fights, NPC quest lines and the background history of the end opponents.

5. Light dragon fortissax

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Area: Depths of deep vein, throne of the death prince

The boss: On dragons, ELDEN RING NOT NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT, BUTTING BEST ME FORTISSAX I liked the fight against Lichdrachen. He takes place in a great designed Boss Arena. With the sky that looks like a psychedelic painting and the black dragon, which hens, among other things red and yellow lightning, the whole thing works like a fever dream.

Directions: In fact, it is a dream that you can only enter when your NPC quest completes. First, you have to follow rannis questline until you receive the death curve . Then you have to go into the depths of deep root – a secret area that you reach you when you put in a coffin after the double gargoyle boss fight in nokron .

On the Throne of the Death Prince you meet with a certain story progress FIA , who can give her the death curve. Before you can talk to her, however, you have to defeat your followers. Selects in dialogue to keep you back from her.

After reading the dialogue through and the area, you can enter the dream at FIA, in which you will give you the dragon.

4. Dragon blood soldier of Nokstella


The Boss Map Arena Map Liurnia


Area: Ainsel, Dragonblood Arena

The BOSS: Nokstell’s dragon blood studded has optically reminiscent of the big sharks in Bloodborne, even if he nurse around a lot. The giant monster is waiting for the first meeting in Ainsel also in a really cool arena with a mighty giant oak on a throne and a waterfall on you.

Boss fight: The monster soldier can be mastered well in melee, but you should always bring distance between you and the boss. Fies are mainly the lightning attacks with area damage.

Directions: To reach the optional boss, you have to take the lift in the fountain of Liurnia , beat you through tunnels with ants, use a lift even further down and follow the river around a ruin.

Samara Summer
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The first Souls game, to which Samara has ran, was Dark Souls 3. Actually, she just wanted to try the first boss, but hardly he had defeated, it had happened for her. Then the author also made other from titles. Your favorites have been Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne so far. Elden ring could even beat the two titles in their personal top list. The reason for this are the many secrets, AHA experiences, small stories on the way and the complex, versatile combat system.

3. Ancestral spirit




Area: Siofra, Heilighornland

The boss: The ancestral spirit meet you in the form of a highly graceful skeletal. Together with the atmospheric music, Sekiro Feeling came up for me. I just found the whole thing beautiful. Compared with the many gruesome opponents that meet us in the game, a variety that I enjoyed very enjoyed.

Boss fight: The fight is not difficult. You only have to take care of the large frost attacks and the charges of the ancestorist. In addition, you should learn the delayed timing of the attack, in which he falls down from the air for you.

Directions: The first fighting arena in which you meet him, you can enter over the Heilighornland in Siofra , the part of the underground area, which you already have through the fountain in Limgrave achieved. In a kind of temple you will find the cadaver of a moose.

Before you touch this, however, however, you can bring the mind, you have to explain eight flames that you find at stelen everywhere in the surrounding area. Fits that you do not shoot the nasty “Viking Egysteister” in your back.

2. Mohg, prince of the blood


The Boss Map Arena


Area: Siofra, Mohgwyn Palace

The boss: MOHG is one of the darkest figures in Elden Ring. Not only the fight in his gloomy underground mausoleum, but also his story is fascinating. In order to create a new dynasty, the Bluefrush has kidnapped and murdered the noble Miquella. Now he tries to rewake this to use him as a puppet for his seizure of power.

Boss fight: The fight against Mohg has a demonic atmosphere. Particularly atmospheric, but also treacherous, is the transition to the second phase in which the end opponent screams three times “Nihil” and put us a lot of life. It is advisable to heal between the second and third exclamations as well as after the third party.


Portal Map Portal Varre Map Rosenkirche


Directions: Mohgs Domizil is one of Siofra, but there are only two well-hidden opportunities to reach it. Either you completed the questline of the NPCS VARR , which from a certain game progress at the rosenkirche in Liurnia is to be found, or you enter the area via a bloody portal in the region salvaged snowfield .


Secret Deather Use Map Elevator


This area is only achieved if you find the two parts of the secret Haligbaillemedaillon and uses with a trick on the large elevator of Rold . You can switch to “Lifting Medallion” while interacting “Lifting”. One half of the medallion will receive her in the village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia from a NPC, the other half can be found in Sol Castle on the mountain peak of the giant .

1. Malenia

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Area: Miquellas Haligbaum, Haligbaum – Roots

The boss: Malenia is with her helmet, the fire-red hair and the golden shiny prostheses possibly the most iconic opponent from Elden Ring. Although your statue is included in the Collector’s Edition, it is a hidden optional boss. Incidentally, it is the twin sister of Prince Miquella and bitter adversary of Radahn. Your cutscenes are dramatically staged.

Boss fight: This fragment carrier was the most difficult boss all over the game for me, because whoever is hit by Malenia, receives a double penalty: it not only causes great damage, but receives life points back.

The fight can be extremely frustrating, also because Malenia has heavily evasive, long-lasting attacks. In addition, a second phase in which she receives 80 percent of its LP and spreading scarlet stops. Only helps to play really focused. To a lot easier, however, the fight will be if your bleeding or frost damage can cause.

Directions: To reach Malenia at the roots of Miquellas Haligbaum , you must first reach the consecrated snowfield (see: Directions to Mohg) and then in * Ordina, city of Liturgen * Loosen the puzzle by making the night condition on the seal and ignited four lights.

After that you can use a portal to get into the area. There you have to fight over the branches of the tree and through the associated city.

Which optional endpers have liked you the best? Is there any other? And have you all found, which are listed here in the list?