Where to find a hidden story “The Secret of Her Majesty” in Lost Ark

The secret of Her Majesty is a hidden story in Lost Ark, which can upset because of how close every marker is to the points of the revival of enemies. To start this quest, go to the Highlands Fesnar in the northern right.

Where to find the end of his hidden history of obsession?

first hidden history

The tomb of swords is the first place you need to visit on the western side of the map. Find a large stone with red markings on the front. Inspect the back of the stone, and not the front part. To appear option, we needed to go to the right side of the st1. It is important to remember that the enemy appears very close to you and will attack you every time it appears.

Second hidden story

Her Majesty's Secret Location in Lost Ark | North Vern Hidden Story Locations Guide
The next place is on the west, but still in the tomb of swords. Destroy all enemies around this marker. It’s not much time to find it because they continue to spawn. A large statue in the shape of a sword is supported by wooden spikes. Look at the note on earth in front of the statue.

Third Hidden History

Then visit the Balankar Mountains in the northern right. In the shelter, you will find an ancient Elveria, a dungeon on the northern side of the region. Go inside.

You need to go all the way to the center of the map called contaminated ruins. Go to the round area in the place, which is located on the side, overlooking the rest of the temple. When you wish the railing, you will see that the inspection option appears when you reach the point marked above.

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