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STEAM MORE IS RPG “Party Rush! ! “Apde delivery. Resolve problems that will be inoperable

CREST is April 1, different world relief Senkical RPG party rush! ! “Implemented”. Although this work was released on March 24, several defects have been reported in STeam review. There were also serious things such as becoming impressive in the middle of the story, but it seems to have been fixed in this update.

“Party rush! ! “” Is an RPG that can be organized more than 160,000. Approximately 100 characters to become friends. Players can make various different world people friends through stories progress and search.

The stage of the story is a continent called Crimson Waffle. In Crimson Waffle, several red dimension holes will open 15 years ago, and the existence of different worlds falls like rain. Since then, various incidents involving different worlds have occurred. The protagonist peppermint is a girl with the ability of the “party maker” to summon the existence of different worlds. Although she does not have the power to fight, she opens a different world and crimson waffle and summon a different world, and borrowing their abilities and opens up the situation.

Bugs that have been modified in this update are serious things that are not progressive. Specifically, in the product version of Story Chapter 5, an error message is displayed, and it becomes impossible to proceed, “after clearing the 24th challenge of the product version and trial version, an error message is displayed when gaining griffing road. It is two points of “not progressive”. None of the STEAM reviews and SNS, etc. were received, and it seems that it was highly reproducible. In addition, detailed corrections are also implemented, such as unifying the notation of the item “large and light feathers” in the vocational characters and the simple character, and the trial version image from the situation after the product version release.

It has also been announced about the currently confirmed problem. Please check here for more information on this update.

“Party rush! ! “” Is on sale for 1055 yen (tax included) for PC (STeam).

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