FC Ingolstadt: Beiersdorfer speaks of deserved descent

“We have already clearly said that we had to prepare for it,” opened Ingolstadt’s managing director of Sport and Communication Beiersdorfer, asked about the relegation three game days before the end of the season at “Sky” after the draw at the KSC. At the same time, the 58-year-old criticized the lack of throughout the team.

The game today was symbolic for the whole season.

Dietmar Beiersdorfer

The team tried everything, but “the game today was symbolic for the whole season.” Although the FCI “played well” at times, he missed the sack after the 2-0 ” – we just don’t have that. You can’t score points like that”. Beersdorfer should have meant above all the unselfishness of Filip Bilbija. Shortly after his goal, the goal scorer put on 1-0 scorer Patrick Schmidt instead of completing himself from a promising position.

Dietmar Beiersdorfer: FCI

“You have to accept that”

According to Beiersdorfer, Ingolstadt wants to “confidently look at the future” that he himself makes it the task of “putting together a team that should enable the FCI to rise again”. The Schanzer are “advanced” in their planning and full of courage.

Before the duel against HSV next Saturday (1.30 p.m.), the former Hamburg also admitted “sad” that some decisions were “not” “did not sit” this season, which led to the third descent into the 3rd division.

“We tried to correct something in winter and also caught up in phases; sometimes played good games. But we couldn’t show that throughout the season, so the deficit is great. It is a deserved descent, you have to accept that.”