Fortnite: Web Server Down for Patch 22.20 – Very important information and also leakages in German

In Fortnite today, on October 18, the servers on all systems down (PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, Android). The upkeep work is made use of to fill the new update 22.20 onto the web server. There are initial spot notes for the update here.

This spot ultimately brings the long-awaited Fortnitemares the Halloween upgrade to Fortnite. So if you have awaited the scary things of the vibrant Battle Royals, the moment has come.

What happens in Fortnite today? This moment a spot awaits you. For this function, the servers for upkeep job and also the brand-new spot 22.20 are taken offline.

Fortnite: Server-Down-When and how lengthy is it offline?

What brand-new content will upgrade 22.20 bring?

Such maintenance job can always lead to technical issues, pests and hold-ups. We will certainly tell you right here immediately if such complications should emerge.

When do the spot notes come? Impressive Gaming usually publishes a list with patch notes on your side after the update. We will provide it quickly and also plainly below if that takes place.

This is the downtime in the early morning: According to Epic Games, the web servers are expected to be shut down at 10:00 a.m. to set up Update 22.20. ** The servers are generally offline for numerous hours throughout such maintenance job and playing is no much longer feasible.

What’s new for the Fight Royale mode? We have not yet recognized anything concrete, yet Leakers have actually usually presented themselves as a risk-free resource with her forecasts. According to Hyper, this can anticipate that:

  • Fortnitemares 2022 with cost-free items
  • Pumpkin stress wave cannon
  • POI changes
  • Halloween manager and legendary tools
  • Diagonal movement on the PC
  • Zero Build Crowd Thrill publication/info

What do you consider today’s update? Are you excited to see what Impressive Games calls into play with Fortnitemares? Allow us experience your opinion in the comments!

In the meanwhile there is a crazy tool in Fortnite that might soon be produced:

  • New weapon in Fortnite is unreasonable, everything will explode in seconds-players fear faster nerf

In Fortnite today, on October 18, the servers on all systems down (PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, Android). What takes place in Fortnite today? This is the downtime in the early morning: According to Epic Games, the servers are anticipated to be shut down at 10:00 a.m. to mount Update 22.20. The servers are normally offline for a number of hours throughout such maintenance work and also playing is no longer possible. Impressive Games normally publishes a brief checklist with patch notes on your side after the upgrade.

Valorant: KRU Esports falls to the power of the OpTic Gaming team in the VCT Masters

One last day of group stage action before kicking off the main stage of the VCT Masters tournament, with teams hanging in the balance and with no chance of defeat, the KRU Esports team takes on the OpTic Gaming squad in search of their move on to the next stage, a duel that could make history for the Latin region by achieving two spots in the maximum stage.

The first map would be a Split where Kun‘s team would begin dominating with great power by showing their aggressive style during the attack phase they propose thanks to a Nicolas Klaus Ferrari who shows his best strategies to put a 7-5, in the change of sides the North American team showed a very good job with the Astra of Jimmy Marved Nguyen that would create chaos in several rounds that managed to put a 13-7 in the first scenario.

Going to the Haven map, the defense would be from the NA team, which would be very solid with a Jaccob Yay Whiteaker who would react in this scenario to be able to stop the Latin rivals, leaving a 9-3 in the first instance, at change of roles the situation was complicated for the KRU team that needed to turn the game around, a reaction from Angelo Keznit Mori would give favorable rounds for the pink team, however, Marved would be the executioner of the match leaving a 13-6 on the scoreboard.


The series concludes with the fall of the second seed of the LATAM region, a show of great skill on the part of the NA team who manage to make their opponents fall 2-0, on the other hand Fun Plux Phoenix did fall to Northeption to qualify for the next phase of the tournament, with this there are already the teams that fight for the maximum medal and be classified as the best team in the world.