Number of connectors is nearly 300,000 at once! “Destiny 2” long-awaited new extension “Jet black queen” is a strong slippery

On February 23, the latest expansion of “ DESTINY” series, the latest extension of “ DESTINY” series, which is a masterpiece that has been acquired to Sony Interactive Entertainment the other day, from the new Bungie, the latest extension “Jet Black Queen” of the series is PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox X | Launched for S / Xbox ONE. In the “Jet Black Queen”, “Jet Black Queen”, which is the first three-part of “ Destiny 2 “, “Jet Black Queen”, Guardian gets a powerful new skill, and the enemies of humanity You will be afraid to be astonishing to protect. In addition, the new season “rehabilitated season” was also released on the same day.

In the extended content “Jet Black Queen” and the New Season “Returned Season” draw a guardian figure that fights to regain light from Sabusung, a God of Hau. Guardian, who has released the conspiracy of Witch Queen over a year or more, has a new location “Tamaki World”.

There, the Gardian has a growing expansion of Haive “Lucent Blue”, which manipulates the power of the light that has been used for many centuries, and more out of testing. In the “resusive season”, the player uses the light suppression technology brought about by the unstable alliance with the Kabar’s Emperor Kiatol, and it takes place in the Hif military of the Witch Queen who has obtained the power of light.

In the “Jet Black Queen”, various elements such as introducing a weapon creation system, adding new proximity weapon graves, and new locations, such as the “throne world” and adding new laids, are added.

“Jet Black Queen” Launched at the same time with the new season “The resusive season” will soon be able to earn a new season rank. In this season, Guardian cooperates with the Kabar’s Emperor Kieatle to prevent the plan of Savascia, and takes place in the army of Lucent Hive, which manipulates light that threatens the humanity and the solar system. Let’s capture the season events while clearing new missions.

Also, on March 6, a high-sight raid “Oath of the school brother” will be published for all the “Jet Black Queen” owners. As well as combat skills, let’s unlike the teamwork and the thinking ability to make a total mobilization and impossible task.

At the same time as the release of this Raid, a global tournament that determines the fired team that he first captured the Raid in the world will start. The Fire team won the “World’s first” title honor and “World’s first” title belt is given to each team member. The winning team will be officially announced within a few days after the Raid start.

Immediately after the release, the number of concurrently connected people in STeam is shown to be approaching the largest number of the same work, and it has become an excellent rising. As for more than 1 million people reserve, it is likely to be an exciting line up in the beginning of the release.

“Destiny 2” New Extended Content “Jet Black Queen” is on sale at PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.