Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Share Dodo codes and add friends!

Dodo codes are a type of code that players can generate so that friends and acquaintances visit their island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and vice versa. They are not specifically intended for players who invite another player who is not on the list of their friends, but they work well in both cases. It can be an exchange or something like that, but there are also systems that allow you to invite the player’s friends to the island.

How to generate Dodo codes

Players can generate Dodo code for their island by going to Dodo Airport on the coast. While here, talk with Orville and make the following elections.

Official Friend Code Exchange For Animal Crossing New Horizons!
1. Select, “I need guests.”
2. Click “Next” on about the local and network game .
3. Then select “I understand.”
4. Select “through online group”.
5. Click “Next” on be careful!
6. Then click “I understand” Once again at the end of the Nintendo Code.
7. Select, “Roger.”

This will force Nintendo Switch to generate a dodo disposable code for players who have Nintendo Online. Otherwise, players will be able to invite friends and acquaintances on the same Wi-Fi only through the option of the local game. As soon as this is done, players can take the following steps in the second section of this article.

how to invite friends to the island

Fortunately, players have a fairly simple way to share their island with friends at Nintendo Switch.

  1. After generating code, players will need to open the home page Nintendo Switch .
  2. Then select the icon in the upper left corner that correlates with the user.
  3. Click on add friend
  4. The generated code will appear under the name of the user. From here, just share the code with a friend or a familiar preferred way, for example, Pocket Gamer.
  5. In addition, players can choose Search with a friend’s code if they want to visit the island of their friend.

Remember that Dodo codes are temporary and will no longer work after the player closes his gate to complete the visit. This will protect players who do not want a problem player to visit again, or from spam with constant invitations. Just do not forget to collect everything before closing the gate.

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