LOL: The absurd barrel damage of a gangplank that has caused the surrender of the enemy team

season 12 of League of Legends is being one of the craziest views in recent years, so much that even an important addition as it is tecnochemical dragon has been eliminated from the game by the immensely rotating that it is. But some things will never change and among them we can highlight how absolutely broken it can become a champion that scales well in the late game. S Ino, who tell these players who against a gangplank decided to surrender after an abusive and painful play for three players of the red team.

situation is simple and daily in the single-day single; After more than 25 minutes of departure, Caitlyn was ready to devastating that she she had come out of the rather strong line phase next to a morgana that was doing her work very well. They wanted to fight for the next dragon and from directed to the place when they met a swollen pellet **. They tried to do something to be able to be able to be able to steal it, but the whip of the seas used two of their barrels to launch a bullet that would eliminate three of their players instantly, it was so fast the triple murder that even if the game gave On foot to lower the lifestyle of the players.

Tyler1 #22: First time Gangplank!
Such was the harm of the barrels that the whole team agreed to end the game. While it seemed remarkable seeing that they had a kassadin, the enemy gangplank play was so painful that they did not hesitate to throw the FF and think about the next ranked. Of course, the pirate is one of those champions that if I know He puts ahead, nothing can stop exploding his rivals thanks to the huge climbing of barrels and their bullets with critical attacks.