What to do after you have hugged life

After the credits have rolled, what comes next? After having hugged life and gone through the emotional roller coaster of an experience that comes with it, many players might wonder about their journey after the game. In this article we will discuss the various options available to you, ranging from continuing your adventure in another medium to revisiting the world you left behind.

Players who have dominated till the credits may be high in life… What next?
After the video game is over, the players are simply thrown back into the world without doing much.
Sure, there can be indicators of side missions and other things of this kind, however the gamers will find that they are more on display screen than anything else.
What can the gamers do after they finally ended up the game?
With the power of creativity and imagination, there is still a lot to do after completion of the video game.
Let’s go back in the diving Premie-5000 and a couple of loose ends together in life 2 comes out.

What post-game material exists in High on Life?

While there is no special material available for the video game after the game, gamers can find an entire series of things to do, so let us discover a few of the very best available options.

Buy and video games with Warp Discs

If players remove enemies, they can claim warp crystals from their bases.


Because they can buy others Warp discs from Blurts Café in Start Slim, the players will want to equip up with them.
The gamers will have the ability to utilize these discs to go to a range of different locations in the game, and perhaps even a couple of small surprises are waiting for the gamers.

Search for Lug lox in all levels

Players who desire to get a great deal of it have to use peso rapidly and have to be fully and slit on Lug lox in the world around them.

Gamers can visit Planets once again that they have currently cleaned, they can likewise make the effort and look for these little boxes filled with delicacies.
There are likewise collection cards and weapons mods conceal in them, so players will find them all.

work to attain all successes

There are numerous successes offered in this title, some are much more severe than others.
Work through the full list of success makes it possible for the gamers to find every crack and every corner, in addition to a couple of other surprises that they might not anticipate.
When you have lastly finished the video game, just make sure that you use Stan’s special posters you wash your hands.

concludes the quest The Real End

The gamers may not understand, however the game does not end completely here.
There is a secret end that blows up the borders of what a sequel might use and even provides what they can attain Follow-up bait.
When you dare, follow the link above to find out how you reach this true end and what the tricks of the city of Blimp layers have to offer.
While the players might have to wait on some DLC or a few update to the video game to provide more arrangement after the game, there is still a lot to do.
Check out the worlds and talk to them NPCs that players missed the very first time could also use a small incentive to go back to the world, especially with all the skills that have this game.
High in life is now readily available for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and PC.
– This post was upgraded on December 20, 2022