FC Bayern Strikes Back: Sharp Criticism After DFB Cancels Womens Bundesliga Game

After the cancellation of the women’s Bundesliga game set for Sunday in between Turbine Potsdam and FC Bayern Munich (1:00 p.m.), the German Football Association should be slammed by Bayern.

We were in exchange with the dfb due to the fact that we knew about the issue. It didn’t matter, stated ing director Bianca Reach in Magenta : This could have been much better.
We talk about wanting to make the league more professional.
The bottom of the table versus the second was canceled due to the playability of the square.
At the end of the first round, Bavaria could not reduce the gap of eight indicate leader VFL Wolfsburg.


This is mega aggravating and absolutely bitter, stated Reach: The video game would have been essential for us to keep the connection.

A surprise gift received by the Blue Archive Development Team

Blue Archive users visited Nixon Games on November 9th and sent a gift to the developers including Kim Yong-ha. Blue Archive was officially released in Korea and Global on November 9, 2021.

The users who visited the site prepared the ‘Teacher’s Letter’ to the development team, including the goods that were produced, and Kim Yong-ha, and delivered it to Kim Yong-ha, who welcomed the user as a representative of the development team. The goods produced by users ranged from Arms blanket to foods in packaging that used memes properly between the ferry figures and the users. In addition, more than 200 snack boxes were delivered to a truck to express gratitude to the developers. The snack box also showed a point of attaching the ‘Kilotons Express’ sticker to capture the feeling of the worldview.

Kim Yong-ha, general manager PD, said on Twitter that I am very impressed and powerful for each saying that I am playing happily, he said. In addition, he was in return with a great sense to the users who visited the field.


Nixon Games said on the official blog, I was able to spend the first anniversary of the Blue Archive more meaningful because of the user’s support, he said. I will reward you.