[Rolled Cup] Caitlin-Lux is like this! DRX, logs again, Group C 1st place

DRX won the first place with the log and won the first place in the quarter-finals with the first place in Group C.

Log gave DRX to Caitlin-Lux and pulled out a classic combination called Ezreal-Karma. And the tower was the fight between Camille and Odom Near, and it was destined for the rise and fall to the jungle or other line intervention rather than 1: 1.

A steadily aimed at the tower, the gap between Near and Camille was widened, as it hurt Camille of King gen. However, DRX was giving strength in the mid and bottoms, and the global gold was slightly leading. Caitlin-Lux succeeded in demolishing the tower by moving to bottom, tower, and mid, and pushed to the second round at a quick timing with the messenger. And in the bottom, he grabbed the car and set up a foothold for Camille.

This time, the world of Zeta’s Sinus and the mark of ‘mark’ caught the Near, and the kill score was 6: 4 in 20 minutes, and the difference was 5,000. The log could not stand and began to collapse without power. Santa, which took about 22 minutes, and a 24-minute hit in the mid-bat, finally failed to stop the Baron buff and prevented the advanced DRX troops, and the DRX won in about 25 minutes and advanced to the quarter-finals with the first place in Group C.

** ■ 2022 LOL World Championship Group Stage Group 2 Round 2

1 game Log Win vs Lip GAM
2 games GAM Win vs La TES
3 games DRX Win vs Log
4 games DRX Win vs Launch GAM
5 games TES Win vs Log
6 games TES Win vs DRX
Rogue defeat before the 1st decision vs Win DRX

■ 2022 LOL World Championship Group Stage Group D 2 Schedule

One game 100, 100th VS CFO-October 17th 4:00 AM Starts
2 games CFO vs. Benji
3 games RNG vs 100
4 games Benji vs 100
5 games CFO vs RNG
6 games RNG vs Benji