In Russia, Sony filed a lawsuit at Sony – the amount of moral compensation amounted to 280 million rubles

28 people filed a collective lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited and the Moscow Office Sony due to restrictions on access to the PlayStation Store system. The victims demand to return access to the service, make it possible to purchase games again, as well as pay moral damage-280 million rubles for all applicants.

Sony Said to Cut PlayStation 5 Target by 4 Million

In the comments on Vedomosti, a senior lawyer of the practice of resolving disputes and legal support “SSP-Konsult” Stanislav Isakov said that the refusal to provide services “due to the internal and foreign policy of the state of finding and residence of users” is not provided for by the conditions of the Sony licensed agreement, neither the legislation of the Russian Federation. The company’s act (unilateral refusal to provide services) violates their own rules and is a gross violation of user rights.