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Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in the world since his launch

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware announced the sales numbers so far for Elden Ring, and we can probably now formally call it a success. The open world action RPG has sold more than 12 million copies in the world since its launch, as of March 14.

Turnover is made public in a new press release. The document also indicates that one million these sales were carried out in Japan, the only region where the Developer fromSoftware has self-published the game. It should also be noted that the figure includes both physical and digital sales, but We do not tell us what the distribution is. Anyway, although it is not officially mentioned, we can assume that this is the most sold game and certainly the fastest of society so far.

“It’s amazing how many people played in Elden Ring,” says Hidetaka Miyazaki. “We hope players will benefit from a high level of freedom when they venture into his vast world, will explore his many secrets and face his many threats. Thank you for your continued support. »

Elden Ring Has Been SMASHING Steam Numbers! Estimated Over 10 Million Copies Sold?

Bandai Namco, who published the game everywhere except Japan, is also satisfied with this news. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Yasuo Miyakawa, wants to “express my thanks to all our fans who brought [Elden Ring] in their life life,” said he is “very proud” of being involved.

In addition to impressive sales, the press release mentions a desire to extend the world of the game beyond, well, of the game. It seems that we will see more from Elden Ring, and we could see that manifest in other media, which is quite exciting. A Romanization of George Rr Martin, maybe?

Anyway, did you appreciate Elden Ring? Are you surprised at its success? Leave a message in the comments section below.

Call of duty

COD Warzone: Tournament by 90.000 EUR battles with hackers

On March 08, the second credentials round took area for the tournament “Caldera ChallengeIncall of Duty: Warz1. It has to do with $ 100,000 (regarding 90,000 euros). In the tournament is apparently hacked as well as specifically the clip of a player is the emphasis of conversation.

  • Call of Duty: Warzone routinely organizes tournaments with respectable cash prize.

Evil HACKERS of Warzone Ep.40
* Presently the qualification rounds of the “Caldera Challenge” – a duo tournament in Killrace layout, where 24 teams can qualify.
* It’s $ 100,000, however the tournament is outweighed by a discussion if a professional player chops or otherwise.

What’s going on there? .

Caldera Challeng – Cyberpunk in qualifying?

The fourth put, “Blazt,” published the clip on Twitter as well as created: “Just how to hell should that be an individual with a controller?”.

This uncertainty, whether someone rips off allure or not, leads as well much disappointment and difficulty between gamers. What do you indicate to the clip?

This is additionally a basic trouble of free2play warz1. This unpredictability, whether somebody rips off appeal or not, leads excessive irritation and also difficulty between gamers. The new anti-cheat ricochet could alleviate the problem something, but regrettably not completely resolve.

Likewise the Duo companion of Blazt, Mutex, combated a long time with cheater allegations and also established up 5 electronic cameras to prove his innocence.

Concrete is about the player “Shifty”. Along with his duo partner, he reached third place in the 2nd qualifier round and both yielded $ 2,500.

It is argued that there are such clips quasi from all major warzone banners. Nevertheless, the bigger and preferred streamers usually come without a cyberpunk accusation, even if they are extra prominent.

There are always claims that also in the professional competitions of the Warzone is gecheatet. Whether the players truly cheat or not, is frequently tough to clarify.

But a gameplay clip from the tournament makes sure allegations that it may not be quite with right points.

It is specifically concerned with this moment when the gamer’s visor sees a jump on the opponent. This “on the opponent snapen” is in fact common of aimbot.

Yet under the clip there are discussions regarding whether it is hacking. It is likewise assumed that there might be a problem with the transmission from the streaming program “OBS”.

On March 08, the 2nd credentials round took place for the tournament “Caldera Challenge” Incall of Duty: Warz1. In the tournament is allegedly hacked as well as particularly the clip of a player is the emphasis of conversation.

What do you imply to the clip? Do you see a cyberpunk or just a technical blunder? Allow us like your opinion in the comments.