Stove Indie Medieval RPG King Demo Delivery released 21 days

The Smile Gate said on the 17th, the Indie Game Platform Stove Indie, who operates it’s owned by the Middle Ages, King Demise: Delivery, which is evaluated as a medieval background masterpiece, was officially released on the 21st.

Kingdom Com: Deliverance is a medieval background developed by Warhorse Studios, with an open-world RPG, the medieval Bohemia kingdom, which is reproduced based on historical facts. The main character ‘Henry’, who wants to repay the enemies of parents who lost his life with the bureaucracy, is the main contents of adventuring the grand world.

The Smile Gate expressed the authentic RPG, which is the actual Czech history background, the work of the real Magic or monster, said Small Czech ism, the fantasy elements such as magic or monsters. It is an explanation that the player can enjoy the medieval life that the player wants to enjoy with the battle scene and various living contents, which have a reality.

Anvil Saga - Medieval Blacksmith Shop RPG

The Kingdom Court: Delivery is a title that I wanted to launch from many users around the world, and it is a title that I wanted to launch through a stove that was popular from many users around the world. The stove is I will show you a variety of games and do our best to give you a lot of fun.

Kingdom COM: Delivery Related Details can be found through the event page.