Riot Games held a unique couple Daejeon Turn Turn TFT Season 5

-Couple event match that participates in the influencer on the 27th and 28th, ‘Turn Rotate Season 5′


confrontation of couples and directors that can only be found in ‘Double Up Mode’

-throwing Team for viewers Legendary Gifts through the lottery when the predictive hit

The unusual strategic team battle (TFT) will be held where real couples participate.

Riot Games will hold a unique event match for two days on the 27th and 28th, and will hold ‘Turn Rotate Season 5′. Turn and turn is an event match where several influencers form a team. >: Judgment, ‘Turn and turn : Kanbu Daejeon’, etc.

Turn and turn Season 5, with the launch of the Set 7, with the official introduced ‘Double Up Mode’ and the concept of ‘Couple Daejeon’. In addition to the actual couple such as ‘Bang’ Bae Joon-sik-Park Ji-sun, ‘Son Oh Cheon’ Ryu Sung-min and Lee Jung-hyun, various influencers such as ‘I Sangyun’, ‘Mystic’ I will participate. Palan Line, Mon, Capick, and Tayo are the managers of the tournament and form a team with one of the couples mentioned above to win the competition.

The TFT Season 5, which is held with a total prize of 9 million won, is a double-up mode where couples and managers are paired. The first match by date is a couple, and the second match is in the form of a couple and a manager.

In the Black Knight Mode, the female influencer by team will play one of the coaches or his couple partners, and the brain fight is expected to unfold as the double point is added according to the choice.

Turn and hold the season 5, the viewer event will be held. In each round, the winning team prediction event will be held using African TV voting functions. The viewers who have the results are given the legend as a gift through the lottery. The game-side event can only participate in African TV live broadcasting viewers.

The TFT Season 5, which is held by Chae Min-jun Caster, Majae, and Lim Sung-chun’s commentary, is broadcast live on African TV, Twitch, and YouTube, and can be viewed through personal channels of each influencer. For more information about the competition, please visit the official website.