Top 10 Bestselling Steam Games And Whats Up With Them


Valve’s Steam offers games to play in your browser. You can also buy and download them on your computer. It might take a bit of time for the games to download, but once they’re installed you can play them whenever you want without an internet connection.

This Monday, too, we look at the current Steam sales charts with you once again.
Among other things, the concern arises whether the first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 really handled its fate or could get up once again for an attack on the leading position.
We show you the full leading 10.

The leader in the Steam sales charts

Currently at the very first short-lived appearance it ends up being clear that nothing has changed on the throne of the Steam sales charts compared to the previous week.
The portable PC Steam Deck can still be found there.
Nothing should alter in the rest of this year.
Unless a huge surprise awaits us.
Mentioning surprising: The just recently launched simulation Dwarf Fortress from the indie studio Bay 12 Games is currently in 2nd location.
This was able to sit down in front of the ego shooter Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 and for that reason cause a great deal of attention.
The remaining placements in the present top 10 from Steam are also rather intriguing.
Numerous discount rate projects have ensured a lot of motion in the top 10.
Games like FIFA 23 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla were able to commemorate an unforeseen resurgence, while titles like The Callisto Protocol and Requirement for Speed Unbound needed to take their hat off soon after the launch.
Here is the leading 10 in the overview.
1. Steam deck
2. Dwarf Fortress
3. Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2
4. Warhammer 40,000: Darkie
5. Ixion
6. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
7. FIFA 23
8. Red Dead Redemption 2
9. Valve Index VR Set on Steam
10. Cyberpunk 2077

how the Steam sales charts are developed

By the way, the pure variety of copies of the respective games offered is not definitive for the computation of the present leading 10 of the Steam sales charts, however always the sales of the soft relationship sold.

Particularly costly products have a benefit.
The sales charts noted above describe the period from December 5th to 11th, 2022. The charts we present are released weekly in an XML feed upon Steam.
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