111 percent subsidiary super cant, attracting investment in 16 billion won

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] 111 percent subsidiary Super cent (representative engine) announced five days that we have attracted a seed round investment of 16 billion won.

This investment was dedicated to Shinhan Venture Investment, Mirae Asset Venture, and Future Asset Capital, and 111 percent of Super Centrupp’s parent company has established 7 billion additional funds. Through this, the Supercent plans to expand the publishing business, and expand the domestic hyper casual ecosystem, including the expansion of the hyper casual game development pipeline, and expands business.

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The Supercent is focused on developing hyper casual games and publishing as 111 percent subsidiaries established in April last year. Various cultural trends and Virality analyzes the consumption pattern of high content and quickly find fun elements and strategy to recover from hyper casual simplicity and immersion.

The Super Centr is founded in the first year of the first year of the establishment based on AdTech expertise, the core element of the hyper casual game business. We have achieved surplus in 2021, which generates more than 95% overseas sales, including North America, the main market of hyper casual genres.

In addition, last December, we have entered a strategic partnership for global comprehensive content studio Ace and ‘Hyper casual games’ Global IP business expansion of K-content through hyper casual games. Based on this, the Netflix original ‘Kingdom’ is ahead of the release of the hyper casual game.

Hyper casual games are the fastest growing growth in the world’s fastest and most available mobile games. In 2021, we recorded 15 billion downloads worldwide and accounted for about 33% of the number of mobile game downloads, which is about two times the year of 2019.

The team, the team, “The hyper casual game, which is a light and short play, has penetrated the NIZ generation user’s needs, and the possibility of bigger growth in the future “I have to support this investment, supporting various domestic developers and partners, and will grown together to enable them to activate domestic hyper casual game ecosystems.”