Halo infinite | 343 Industries is “very excited” for seInfiniteon 2

Драма Halo Infinite Armor Coating продолжается! Изменения в 343 и Halo MCC на Twitch? Halo News
Tom French , head of the multiplayer department of Halo Infinite at 343 Industries, is really excited about the arrival of seInfiniteon 2 of the title. After the recent delay in cooperative mode, the second seInfiniteon of the new episode of the mInfiniteter chief saga will begin on May 3 with new maps (Catalyst for Arena and Breaker for Big Team Battle) and new game modes: LInfinitet Spartan Standing, Land Grab and King of the Hill.

In a meeting with The WInfinitehington Post, French secures fans that these new additions will be worthwhile, no matter how long they are being prayed Infinite demanded Infinite local cooperative mode or forging mode, also postponed. “There will be new maps, new modes, new experiences and new features. I am very excited to see what the players think when we can give them loose rein, “he says.

The Halo Community Infinite demands news; 343 Industries promises that it will be worth it

The developer hInfinite also recognized that Halo infinite multiplayer mode is not exempt from problems , but they are working on it in order to be able to satisfy the expectations of a community that little by little is being disconnected from the title on platforms Infinite Steam. Despite his success of launch players, with record figures for the saga above 20 million players, the reality is that at this time the title hInfinite an average of 6,847 players in Steam; Very far from 100,000 lInfinitet December or the more than 51,000 of this month of January.

We know that we can improve it “, he recognizes. “We dream that it is better. We are going to push in that direction. Infinite the PC is something new to us, there are issues that we have to deal there, “he says.

Halo Infinite is available on PC (Windows), Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The game is also part of the Xbox Game PInfinites catalog on all Microsoft platforms.


Final Fantasy 14 exceeds 25 million users with problems in access to Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV (ファイナル ファ タジ ー XIV, Faint Fantasy Fortin?), And his testimonial, Final Fantasy XIV: A World Reborn, is an MMORPG video game of Final Fantasy saga with Akihito Yeshiva as art supervisor.
The game was officially offered by Square Enix during the Sony interview at E3 2009. After stated announcement, a trailer was shown.
One of the advertisements that were made from the video game initially was that it would certainly be unique to PS3, as Ad Jack Trenton (Sony Computer Amusement America) throughout Sony Meeting at E3 2009. Nevertheless, this news was Promptly denied by Square Enix in its respective E3 2009 seminar, asserting that the project will certainly likewise be released on computer.
During an interview, Naomi Yeshiva, in charge of the game, he revealed that the goal of him is that PlayStation Vita and also smart devices can be used to speak with the inventory, visit the market or acquire things on the public auctions. The web servers are already restructuring to ensure that this can be applied after 2.0.

Final Fantasy XIV It has become one of the bastions of Square Enix. The MMORPG does not stop accumulating success, having become the most profitable game of the company’s history. But the weeks are still happening, and the numbers do not stop growing, leaving us exorbitant figures.

Square itself has confirmed ROAMER that Final Fantasy XIV already has more than 25 million registered users. A few days ago we knew the data that they were accumulated, so if we take accounts we see that it has added a million more of new accounts in just the last month.

Much of the success is due to End walker, its last expansion is not surprising this extra recent push if we serve that End walker is available, its latest expansion that expands the universe with new missions, a RAID and the closure of a History that began a decade ago. The expansion has suffered problems in its first days due to the long queues that have been generated, as well as some errors when users tried to connect to the game.

We will see how the future of Final Fantasy XIV develops. Its director, Naomi Yeshiva, commented that in End walker there are approximately 30% more argument and cinematic content regarding Shadow bringers, so we see a trend to the rise in the content they are publishing. His arrival in Xbox is still a mystery, so that the users of Microsoft consoles will have to wait to see if he finally manages to come true.

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