Taking On Krubis: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Beating The Second Boss In High On Life


In the boss guide to High on Life, you can find out:
How your Kris defeats
What attacks Ruby’s use
In High on Life you get to deal with a lot of bosses.
After you have switched off 9-gorge, your adventure leads you to the dusty mines of a remote planet.
Here Kris awaits you, a shotgun-swinging fully.
We explain to you how you defeat the boss.
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Kris: This is how you defeat the second boss

After you have conjured up the personal headquarters of Kudos, the shock throws you into a deep mine shaft.
The boss arena is relatively small, so it is not easy to win enough distance.

fight against Kris: You have to avoid these attacks

Kris is armed with a shotgun that has two different fire modes.
Remains at a distance to weaken the regular spreading.
The best way to escape the circular saw by jumping through the arena.
This can be manipulated by the trajectory of the saw, and you stay unscathed.
If Kris is buried in the ground, you can use your grenade to stun it for a short time.
Then fires with your pistol a few times and hit your knife before Kris can recover.

Kris defeat: How to survive the final phase

In the last phase of the fight, Kris can shoot through the arena like a torpedo.
The upcoming attack will be announced by a red laser beam.
The laser always aims at your current position.
Take your legs in your hand or use your climbing hook to escape the attacks.

After the attack, you have enough time to damage Kris again.
Repeat the whole thing until the fight survived and Kris is defeated.
After the fight, your arsenal will be expanded to include a speaking shotgun.
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Black desert online

Hogwarts Legacy advises on how to explore school in this new video

Being a student at the Hogwarts college of magic and Sorcery is not like going to the neighborhood institute. The secretary secrets that do not open before anyone, but that can be discovered with a little curiosity and explorer. The official Hogwarts Legacy account on Twitter h let us take a look (no) authorized from the School . Do you want to see it? Watch the video under these lines.

In the new Warner Bros. Avalanche video game, the players will embody a student, who will have to hold the responsibility of stopping a particularly powerful dark wizard under their shoulders. At the end of the 19th century, dark forces threaten to break peace , so the ministry will need someone capable of dominating ancient magic… that is, our protagonist. He will travel beyond the security of hogwarts to deal with the dangers that lurk between the shadows.

The seven tips to explore Hogwarts (and its surroundings)

  • Council number 1, the secrets of the common rooms: Hogwarts is full of secrets, the common rooms are no exception.

* Council number 2, the restricted are of the library: restricted is just a suggestion, but do not catch you.
* Council number 3, Defense Clsroom against Dark Arts: The clsrooms serve to make mischief, such struggling with the Black Hybrid skeleton of the Professor Heat.
* Council number 4, Peeves: avoids the ghost Peeves at all costs.
* Council number 5, secret duels of wands (this track h been deleted).
* Council number 6, Onto store: It is the mandatory stop to make mischief and jokes.
* Tip number 7, the forbidden forest: stress in the forest and survive to tell it.

Hogwarts Legacy will go on sale On February 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The Nintendo Switch version is confirmed, although it still h no relee date.