Lake Lazy de Fortnite could be sentenced after the recent update

A new arrival in Lazy Lake could be a sign that a catastrophe is on their way to the peaceful city. No sweat insurance, considered by many as Fortnite’s genuine before-runner sign of misfortune, has just opened an office there, which is not at all a good thing if you know your Fortnite story.

No sweat insurance arrived in the first Fortnite during Chapter 1. After the inclined tower had undergone many accidents and disasters, No Sweatshirt Insurance has arrived to provide full coverage against destruction to local businesses.

When a neighboring volcano broke out, the inclined towers were demolished, each building being completely destroyed except 1. It seemed like the only building to which no sweat insurance could guarantee security was theirs because he was proud and high in the middle of the wreck.

No sweat insurance would disappear when the black hole aspired the whole world Fortnite in the void, before scrolling chapter 2. The fact that the insurance against sweat is finally back is one of the biggest signs of a new Disaster, and it is very regrettable for Lazy Lake that the city is the new building that seems to condemn everything.

To worsen things, signs no sweat insurance started to appear on the whole card, which means almost everywhere is currently threatened. Although the end of the season could be delayed until June 4, there are many evidence that something very serious will happen on the island.

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The good news is that the company just moved into its new office and has not yet managed to make it work properly. There should therefore be a few weeks of normality before the disaster declares itself.