Once a week in a week? Pokemon Legend Arsusu, sold 650,000

has raised sales of 6.5 million in the first week of launch. It is the fastest record of the game series released as a switch.

February, Nintendo said that the fact that the official Twitter has revealed the appreciation and greeted the appreciation. Through this, the has achieved the best early boxing of Pokemon’s game released by Nintendo switch. released in November 19, and the <Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, released in November 2021, sold 6 million chapters in the first week of launch. Considering that was sold as a single title, it is a more amazing record.

is the latest ‘Pokemon’ series released on January 28, 2022. was introduced with a variety of attempts that could not be seen in the previous work, and first, the existing fans were released as an open-world type game. The combat method also changed in real time in the symbol / random in-market.

In addition, as the background of the past time zone, it has been captured by the Pokemon Daejeon with the Trainer as a Pokemon Daejeon, and Pokemon is moving to attack the player directly, or the system, such as the system, There was a large change and development. High initial invitation of seems to be due to the change in the previously mentioned changes to meet the expectations of the fans.