The launch date of the updated PlayStation Plus is announced in the world.

Sony has updated the information relating to the PlayStation Plus subscription in his blog and shared with the public dates of the service launch in different regions.

Previously, all access to PlayStation Plus will receive users from the Asian region (with the exception of Japan) – May 23, 2022. Following them Japan – June 1. Western world in the face of Northern and South America, as well as Europe will be able to evaluate the efforts of Sony on 13 and 22 June.

In addition, there will be a list of countries in which streaming will be supported. PlayStation Plus Premium at the start will now be available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta Poland, the Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

New PS Plus Release Dates - When You Can Sign Up | GameSpot News

The fact that the updated subscription of the PlayStation Plus is to be submitted in more detail in our article.