[Todays steam] Dark Pocket Monster? Comondon appeared

A new title appeared in the world’s best selling rankings. It is a game ‘Comondo’ that grabs the monster. As soon as it is released as a similar to Pocket Monster, it is collecting topics.

Coromon is a Turnje RPG made in Tilar Age Soft, and to tame wildlife called “Belua” to the adventure. It was released on Steam on a day,

This work has been implemented by more than 120 corones, and regions with a unique theme, including a frozen glacier cave and a desert that are frozen. The combat system is a similar turnaround method with a pocket monster. Because of the elements, characteristics, and skills, you can taste a variety of fighting because it exists. Coromons, which maintain a ‘generally positive’ assessment, is sold at 20% discounted price, 20% discounted price in Steam.

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In addition, other new work also occupied the top. ‘Midnight Ghost Hunter’, ‘Wordwest’ accounted for second and third, respectively, and the game has also appeared to benefit from discounts. The ‘Spirit Pairer’ with 66% discount on steam has been ranked 8th, 65% discount on ‘Disco Elihi’ has been ranked 10th.

In the top simultaneous connection rankings of the steam, Lost Arc and Apex Legend had a rival relationship and built a rival relationship. Rost Arc had more than 3,700 to 3,993 to more than 17,000 for the previous day. The Dread Hunger recorded 98,004 people and the rise was slightly broken. Rust is a 94,438 people who have added 15,000 people to the previous day,