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Can I Get A Refund For Purchases Made On Apex Legends Mobile?

It is a sad day for gamers who liked Respawn’s mobile adjustment of Apex Legends.
The video game is no longer supported after May 1, 2023
Till then, the game is gradually gotten rid of from the online stores.
Everything else like in-app purchases are no longer supported.
So can you receive a refund for purchases that you have made at Pinnacle Legends Mobile?

is it possible to get a refund for purchases in Apex Legends Mobile?

If you desire to get your cash back for all purchases you have made when it comes to the Battle Pass and other posts, you can not do this.
Even if the video game is only supported for 90 days, no future purchases can be made.
They still retain all the currencies that you have now had till the total shutdown will be completed later this year.
As stated in your FAQ, all purchases remain up until May 1, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. PDT in your account so that you can enjoy them.
Because it will no longer be accessible after this date, make the finest of it.
Just understood that there is no brand-new material in between now and the switch-off date in relation to the video game.

What is now will be there.


If you wish to play Peak Legends Mobile after the switch-off date, your only other method is to play the game that is presently offered on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles along with Nintendo Change.
It ought to also be noted that if this video game is completed, the development you made is not transferable to the original video game.
The games differ in relation to what is readily available.
Apex Legends Mobile will be closed on May 1, 2023.
It can still be played by then if you have the game.
-This post was upgraded on January 31, 2023.

APEX LEGENDS distributors are kidnapped during the match. Annual misalignment that has increased maliciously

In Apex Legends , it seems that the distributor was kidnapped in a way that appears to be some kind of fraud. The kidnapper player has sent a creepy chat to the distributor.

In APEX LEGENDS, it is possible to play with players such as friends and players in addition to random matching according to the mode. When playing games with other players, they send invitations from Friendlists. If accepted, you can play with the player.

However, it seems that an unauthorized method of kidnapping players ignored such steps has been braided. An overseas streamer has posted a clip when he was kidnapped.


The victim was the streamer Camms. In the distribution, participated in the Storm Point trio casual match without forming a unit in advance. Along with the so-called wild (random matching) players, they are fighting fierce immediately after descent. He is struggling with Arcster and flagged grenade. However, the game suddenly switched to the road screen. I wonder if it’s an error, and the game shifts to the shooting practice area.

Immediately, the player of the passfinder broke in at the firing practice area. The player sent a message in the chat column saying OWNED (slang that has been caught or your losing) and leaves the match without doing anything. In this eerie phenomenon, Camms seems to be unable to hide the upset, saying, I was kidnapped!?

In fact, this is not the first time that the distributor is kidnapped by a misconduct. A similar kidnapping case had occurred in Japan last February. At that time, the players who were participating in the unit and waiting in the lobby were forced to participate in another unit due to fraud or defect. Conversely, in the past, there has been an incident in the past, when fraudulent people who did not invite participate in streamer units.

On the other hand, the incident that seems to be this fraud is to take off the match during play and take it away to the shooting practice area. It can be said that it is more malicious than the past. Camms was clipped as a clip and reported to CONOR FORD, Hideouts, a security person in charge of the Apex Legends official account and the developer Respown Entertainment. He has received a response from the EA HELP official account.

APEX LEGENDS where eerie fraudulent people appear. If the kidnapping and intrusion case, which had been hidden for a while, had recurred in a malicious manner, the distributors would be particularly anxious. I want to watch future trends.

All IMC Armory locations on Storm Point in Apex Legends

IMC Armories is an expansion of the card for Storm Point added in the SEason 13: Saviors update. They will allow players to fight in PVE battles against several waves of ghosts. Remember that the battle will last 60 seconds, so you need to be full of health before entering the weapon. The ghosts of IMC weapons warehouses are the fourth attraction of PVE on Storm Point after Flyers, Prowlers and Spiders. IMC arsenals are scattered across the map, and they are not in the center.

All locations of the IMC arms chamber

In total, IMC Armory has four locations. You can find each of them in the area marked on the map, or through the descriptions of each location in our marked list.

  • Located to the west of the wall, northeast of the checkpoint and east of the northern site.
  • Located southeast of the thunder and east of the thunder patrol.
  • Located north-east of the Senot cave, northwest of the barometer and southeast of the mill.
  • Located east of the Gail station, west of fish farms and south of the launch site.

First Season 13 Details! New Map Update, IMC Armories Loot, R301 Removed & More | Apex Legends

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“Apex Legends” Gibraltar may be renovated or developers. Do you get female in a popular protect dome in the procedure

Gibraltar seems to be able to receive rework at Apex Legends . John Larson, who is a live balance designer in Respawn Entertainment, answered an interview with overseas media Desert.

According to Larson, Gibraltar is picked at the required level in the current high level band and professional scene. It is the data of overseas volunteer found in the following tweets to support his words. Progress Legends Global Series (ALPS) Progress Regular Season Supplier Section 9 to 11th Section 11 can check the pity power of legends used by the professional team.

According to this data, Gibraltar is picked 455 times in North America and boasts a pick rate of 99.8%. Although the EMEA region is slightly suppressed, the pick rate still has 78.4% and protrudes at 1st in all legends. In addition, the situation is the same as ALPS play off located below the championship. In the playoffs held on January 23, data that all teams are picking Gibraltar in North America.

About these situations, Larson analyzes that Gibraltar’s tactical ability is contributing. Protected dome, which is the ability of Gibraltar, the ability to develop semicircular shields. Both inner and outer attacks can be blocked and 360 degrees of shooting can be prevented. Larson mentions that it is effective as a reset battle tool for protected dome. The team will be able to remove from the front and make a dome to be used to replace and re-work. The reason why the professional team is actively adopting Gibraltar in controlling the war situation.

On the other hand, Larson seems to be a problem with Gibraltar’s pick rate. According to he, Gibraltar is picked up with not fun picked up. About the factor, Larson refers to the length of the cool downtime of Gibraltar. Gibraltar tactical ability Cool downtime requires 30 seconds and Ultimate Ability for 270 seconds. As Larson, it is desirable to be a fun ability to press the key / button.

The strength of Gibraltar has also been pointed out by the user. For example, Swedish E Sports Team Alliance’s Khakis players have tweeted an opinion that Gibraltar’s protect dome should set HP. However, as Larson, the draft is not desirable to add health to the dome. The reason is that the impact on high level bands and professionals is too large.

As a chance to change the future, Larson suggested that the ability to add some hands to the attacking ability of Gibraltar. Perhaps some feeling of use will be changed with regard to the case where you use tactical ability to explosive or more aggressive or more aggressive. The specific reworking period was not cleared from Larson. For example, Gibraltar is located not so high as the entire pick rate including casual players.

According to the data reported by the Overseas Media Desert, the pick rate of Gibraltar among the Apex Legends player 8 million people is 3.7% and 12th in 19 people. Compared to the usage rate in the procedure, the total pick rate is not high. Therefore, Larson will be a great idea that Gibraltar will be nurtured sharply, and casual players will not lead to further Gibraltar leaves.

Possibility of Gibraltar repair that has been revealed in the case of 12. As Larson, No one doesn’t want to do, but I have to choose character, but it is not a character that is not the strongest but wants to choose. Sometimes I would like to watch trends how to change the Gibraltar incompetence in the project in the project.