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Horizon: Phone Call of the Hill – Gameplay trailer and brand-new information regarding VR

In enhancement to the actual tale campaign, Horizon: Call of the Hill will additionally consist of a supposed River Trip Experience. In it you take a seat in a boat and also drive with the beautiful landscapes of Horizon. Horizon: Telephone Call of the Mountain will most likely be a launch title for PS VR2, but there is still no release details for Sony’s new VR technology.

In Telephone call of the Hill, the player gets on the function of Ryas, a former shadow carja warrior. After the end of the renegade sect, he comes hostage, but is launched by the impressive Marad, the closest expert of Sonnenkönig Avad. Ryas obtains the possibility to rehabilitate by finding a brand-new hazard to the sun kingdom. It is an exceptional mountain climber as well as archer, which is invaluable for survival worldwide of Horizon. Customarily from the primary collection, Rya’s helpful tools and also different tools are likewise offered to manage his tasks. On his journey, the protagonist will fulfill various intriguing personalities that sustain him on his journey. There are new numbers, however additionally some well-known faces, including Aloy.


The video game of Firesprite, which has actually already acquired experiences in the area of online truth with The Playroom VR and The Perseverance Virtual reality, is being established in cooperation with the Horizon developers of Guerrilla Games. As can be seen from the gameplay trailer, which we have incorporated for you below, the world of Horizon also convinces in VR with remarkable landscapes and also high optical quality.

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Currently at the initial presentation of the upcoming PS-VR2 system at the beginning of the year, Sony likewise provided a VR branch for the popular Horizon series. The video game of Firesprite, which has actually already acquired experiences in the field of online fact with The Game room VR and The Persistence VR, is being developed in collaboration with the Horizon programmers of Guerrilla Gamings. As can be seen from the gameplay trailer, which we have incorporated for you listed below, the globe of Horizon additionally persuades in Virtual reality with excellent landscapes as well as high optical high quality.

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Cheetah of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, an evidence image that does not have a cheat, and the cheat is barred. In an informal convention

At the non-official convention performed by “ Call of Duty: Vanguard ” (hereinafter referred to as Cod: Vanguard), a player who has been suspended by the cheat will prove it in an unexpected manner. was there. Although the player was expelled from the competition scene, it is expected to have won a total of about 4,000 dollars (approximately 48 million yen) prizes in the second half of 2020 years. Overseas Media PCGamer etc. convey.

Activision has introduced a cheat system system “Ricochet Anti-CHEAT” towards the Call of Duty series from November last year. In addition to cheat detection using a PC kernel level driver, the system is a system that suppresses a comprehensive and strongly cheat such as strengthening monitoring on the server side. RICOCHET occurs because of “COD: VANGUARD”, basic play free Batroi work “Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific” has also been currently running, and it was also announced that it has achieved a certain result (related articles).

Nevertheless, participants who have been suspected of using cheat tools will make their own cheat acts too clear rice field. The problem occurred is an unofficial tournament of 2V2 search & destroy sponsored by CHECKMATE GAMING. At the same tournament, ILUHVLY, who defeated Kenji’s team of Streamer. They asked Kenji’s gameplay suspicious and requested the review of the game to CHECKMATE GAMING, organizer. While waiting for verification, while comparing his play screen, the doubts to him seemed even more. As a result of verification, CHECKMATE GAMING discovered decisive evidence of cheat action and reported to IMSASUKEE.

100% решение проблемы с Vanguard!Valorant!НЕОБХОДИМ ПЕРЕЗАПУСК!Anti-cheat!УСТАНОВКА НЕ ЗАВЕРШЕНА!
It was a streaming broadcast with a web camera that was trying to decide Kenji’s fraud. “He used” box “that ILUHVLY, who confirmed the image first,” he used box “! The confused IMSASUKEE also had a clip videos sent from CHECKMATE GAMING, and there was a state of Mr. Kenji who used “box”. The actual state can also be confirmed from the clip videos that IMSASUKEE tweeted (Kenji itself’s own delivery video and delivery channels have been deleted).

The problem that has become a problem is to detect the opponent opponent of the wall, called a wall hack. It is possible to grasp as well as the timing when the other party jumps out here as well as the match, so it can be a simple and very violent cheat. In the video Kenji, Kenji seems to have used a cheat tool that checks the other’s position with a box (white rectangular line). The fact that the crisis consciousness that should not be reflected during delivery, the more the crisis consciousness was distributed at the time of delivery, the better the use of the cheat tool. By the way, at the end of the clip video, even with a wall hack, he was able to shoot against the other party.

Proof of Aho-sama Cheat Act, where the web camera projected. Naturally, CHECKMATE GAMING decided to ban the ban on Kenji from the sponsored competition. According to the PcGamer, he also participated in the past tournament hosted by CHECKMATE GAMING, and it is not clear whether or not a fraudulent act was held in all games, but it is about 4,000 in the second half of 2020 years It seems that we had won dollar prizes.

Also, punishment to Mr. Kenji is not only the only. College Cod Reague, a university league he had participated, also announced Kenji’s permanent ban on the official Discord server. At the same time, it has been announced that four players representing the Grand Canyon University, which were his teammates, will be disqualified from the remaining season of this year and the first league next year.

Not only the “Call of Duty” series, but also a cheat problem that keeps bothering the entire FPS game. Ricochet Anti-cheat, even if the game side has launched a powerful cheat system, cheat tool developers are looking for a way to break through it by all means, and it seems that it will be a good idea. As a result, as this time, there is a player that gains a prize using the cheat tool at the tournament. Still, in the Cheat Countermeasures in COD, various unique efforts have been made, such as “Damage Shield”, which is weakened by the attack of cheat tool users, and has achieved a certain result. In addition, “Call of Duty: Warzone” has also been revealed to be renewed to the new engine with the new engine (related articles). I would like to strongly expect the future evolution of Ricochet for eradication of cheat tool.

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Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in the world since his launch

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware announced the sales numbers so far for Elden Ring, and we can probably now formally call it a success. The open world action RPG has sold more than 12 million copies in the world since its launch, as of March 14.

Turnover is made public in a new press release. The document also indicates that one million these sales were carried out in Japan, the only region where the Developer fromSoftware has self-published the game. It should also be noted that the figure includes both physical and digital sales, but We do not tell us what the distribution is. Anyway, although it is not officially mentioned, we can assume that this is the most sold game and certainly the fastest of society so far.

“It’s amazing how many people played in Elden Ring,” says Hidetaka Miyazaki. “We hope players will benefit from a high level of freedom when they venture into his vast world, will explore his many secrets and face his many threats. Thank you for your continued support. »

Elden Ring Has Been SMASHING Steam Numbers! Estimated Over 10 Million Copies Sold?

Bandai Namco, who published the game everywhere except Japan, is also satisfied with this news. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Yasuo Miyakawa, wants to “express my thanks to all our fans who brought [Elden Ring] in their life life,” said he is “very proud” of being involved.

In addition to impressive sales, the press release mentions a desire to extend the world of the game beyond, well, of the game. It seems that we will see more from Elden Ring, and we could see that manifest in other media, which is quite exciting. A Romanization of George Rr Martin, maybe?

Anyway, did you appreciate Elden Ring? Are you surprised at its success? Leave a message in the comments section below.

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COD Warzone: Tournament by 90.000 EUR battles with hackers

On March 08, the second credentials round took area for the tournament “Caldera ChallengeIncall of Duty: Warz1. It has to do with $ 100,000 (regarding 90,000 euros). In the tournament is apparently hacked as well as specifically the clip of a player is the emphasis of conversation.

  • Call of Duty: Warzone routinely organizes tournaments with respectable cash prize.

Evil HACKERS of Warzone Ep.40
* Presently the qualification rounds of the “Caldera Challenge” – a duo tournament in Killrace layout, where 24 teams can qualify.
* It’s $ 100,000, however the tournament is outweighed by a discussion if a professional player chops or otherwise.

What’s going on there? .

Caldera Challeng – Cyberpunk in qualifying?

The fourth put, “Blazt,” published the clip on Twitter as well as created: “Just how to hell should that be an individual with a controller?”.

This uncertainty, whether someone rips off allure or not, leads as well much disappointment and difficulty between gamers. What do you indicate to the clip?

This is additionally a basic trouble of free2play warz1. This unpredictability, whether somebody rips off appeal or not, leads excessive irritation and also difficulty between gamers. The new anti-cheat ricochet could alleviate the problem something, but regrettably not completely resolve.

Likewise the Duo companion of Blazt, Mutex, combated a long time with cheater allegations and also established up 5 electronic cameras to prove his innocence.

Concrete is about the player “Shifty”. Along with his duo partner, he reached third place in the 2nd qualifier round and both yielded $ 2,500.

It is argued that there are such clips quasi from all major warzone banners. Nevertheless, the bigger and preferred streamers usually come without a cyberpunk accusation, even if they are extra prominent.

There are always claims that also in the professional competitions of the Warzone is gecheatet. Whether the players truly cheat or not, is frequently tough to clarify.

But a gameplay clip from the tournament makes sure allegations that it may not be quite with right points.

It is specifically concerned with this moment when the gamer’s visor sees a jump on the opponent. This “on the opponent snapen” is in fact common of aimbot.

Yet under the clip there are discussions regarding whether it is hacking. It is likewise assumed that there might be a problem with the transmission from the streaming program “OBS”.

On March 08, the 2nd credentials round took place for the tournament “Caldera Challenge” Incall of Duty: Warz1. In the tournament is allegedly hacked as well as particularly the clip of a player is the emphasis of conversation.

What do you imply to the clip? Do you see a cyberpunk or just a technical blunder? Allow us like your opinion in the comments.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Update 1.13 Patchnotizen

Update 1.13 has arrived for Call of Duty: Vanguard, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This is the first update for Vanguard since the start of Season 2 earlier this week, and it contains some smaller error corrections and improvements. The Ranklist Mode of Call of Duty: Vanguard should originally start today, but Sledgehammer Games has decided to postpone the mode due to an unexpected error. Everything is new with Call of Duty: Vanguard Update 1.13.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Update 1.13 Patchoties

Multiplayer updates


  • An error has been fixed, which led to a spontaneous crash when scrolling through friend lists


  • The Sten MK5 Historia Weapon Plan Spawnt as STG 44 in public MP matches


  • Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Package
    • The blueprint of the Sten-Historia weapon will not appear more than STG44 in public multiplayer matches
  • Paradise Lost Package
    • Halimas Skin Fire Brand now agrees with the preview.
  • final flight package
    • The Hawk Blueprint does not use ironsights instead of the riflescope if he aims with the visor

Battle Pass

  • Animal 20 Reward “Beatrice Parisian Skin”
    • A problem with the Beatrice Parisian Skin has been fixed. All animal 20 players was granted this item retroactively.

Zombies updates

Wonder weapons

  • It has been fixed a problem in which the decimator sign in the Corrupted Lands Arena did not reappear when the player died.

Ranklist game beta

Due to a statistical problem that occurs only in the live game environment, the ranked-game beta will not go live as expected in the morning of the 17th of February. Stay Dran @Treyarch on Twitter for updates to the start time, while a fix is ​​implemented.

The new pillar mode will be available through the Vanguard main menu, in which player plays competitively, earn a seasonal capability evaluation, participate in two-week ladder events and earn rewards for evaluated games.

Competition modes, cards and attitudes

  • Play competitively 4V4 with the same modes, cards and settings used in the Call of Duty League Call of Duty League.
  • Selected weapons, essays, equipment, perks, field upgrades and killstreaks are officially restricted CDL competition rules.
  • Game Modes: CDL Hardpoint, CDL Control, CDL Search & Destroy.

  • All unrestricted content will be unlocked for players regardless of their current military rank to ensure equal competitive conditions for all players.

Seasonal capability evaluation

  • See where you are in the competition in every season by earning a visible capability evaluation (SR) and work through the skill classes and stages.
  • Play 5 skill evaluation matches per season to get a seasonal skill rating and placement in one of 7 skill divisions. Each skill division has 5 stages.
  • After each game, deserve or lose a capability assessment based on victory / defeat and personal performance.
  • The capability ratings are reset at the end of each season.

Progressive Rank

  • Progressive rank celebrates the game’s journey in ranking and success at Ladder Events.
  • Players begin unranked and get ranked 1 if they are first placed on a ladder.
  • Increase your rank by deserving stars based on the final ranking event position.
  • There are 50 ranks in the Vanguard Ranklist game to earn. The rank is transmitted from season to season and never reset.


  • Earn all 5 ranks a business card and an emblem.

  • Rank 50 to unlock the operator skin “Royal Royal”, an animated business card and an emblem.

  • Earn an animated emblem at the end of each season, which celebrates its highest skill division this season.
  • Released rewards can be used in both Vanguard and Warzone.
  • Additional Ranklist Rewards such as Weapon Plans, Blinds, Talismans, A Master Skill Division Operator Skin and more come in the season.
  • Each other ranking season offers a new range of exclusive rewards that deserve it.


ladder events

  • Take part in tournament managers with 50 players to earn stars and improve their progressive ranking.
  • Play in 2 Ladder events per week: Weekday Ladder (Monday-Friday) & Weekend Ladder (Friday Monday).
  • After completing your 5 Skill Evaluation Matches, play 1 placement match while a Ladder Event is active to be placed on a ladder with 50 players.
  • Earn 200 bonus points when placed on each ladder for the first time.
  • Earn 100 conductor points after each victory and -61 conductor points after each defeat.
  • Every day of a Ladder event, they earn 20 bonus points after each of their first 5 victories of the day up to a maximum of 100 daily bonus points.
  • At the end of each conductor events, stars are awarded based on the final conductor position:
    • 1. = 5 stars
    • TOP 5 = 4 stars
    • Top 10 = 3 stars
    • TOP 25 = 2 stars
    • Top 50 = 1 star
  • Competitive Integrity Features
    • Players disconnecting or exiting the matches will receive ladder point and SR punishments as well as temporary suspensions, with escalating penalties for repeat offenders.
    • Repeated Friendly Fire also leads to players are thrown out of games and get penalty and locks.
    • If a player stops before starting a game or disconnecting the connection, the game will be aborted and the remaining players return to the main menu.
  • Party SR restrictions
    • To ensure competitive and balanced matches, players can only associate with other players with similar skill ratings:
    • Challenger and masterpiece: Parties must be within 500 SR.
    • Elite and expert players: Groups must be within 1000 SR.
    • Advanced, specialist and candidate players: No party restrictions.
    • Players in Expert or higher may not form parties with players who have not yet completed their seasonal capability valuation games.

Call of Duty: Avantgarde is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Destiny 2: Queen Witch will bring back the popular weapons from dusk

When Sestino 2_ ‘S The Queen Bruja Expansion Releases Next month, players can expect to see the return of two popular Nightfall weapons: the automatic rifle Duty Bound and the Silicon Neuroma sniper. Bungie announced the return of the two weapons at a new entry into the blog earlier this week. While Bungie included an image of the two weapons, no additional details were provided. Even so, this should be a really exciting news for Destination 2 fans, and it will be interesting to see how the return of these weapons impacts the game!

You can find an image of the two weapons that return on the Tweet incrusted below.

New Witch Queen NIGHTFALL WEAPONS Revealed! | New Destiny 2 TWAB
So far, it seems that fanatics are very excited! Obviously, some players would prefer to see the original weapons, but Duty Bound and Silicon Neuroma have not been available for a long time. As such, it is easy to see why some players would be excited. The publication of the blog also had some other ads. Bungie revealed that it has disappeared 61 players from Destino 2, which emerged due to improvements in the game anti-traps system and research on the behavior of each individual player. Bungie plans to investigate more cases over time.

Destiny 2: Queen Bruja will be released on February 22, so fanatics do not have to wait much more to see what’s in the store! The next great expansion of the game, The Queen Bruja will take the players to the new location, Savathun’s Throne World, and add a new type of Glaive weapon. The story will focus on the witch’s own queen, Savathun, a 21-foot-tall antagonist. Originally, the expansion was destined to launch last year, before delaying until the beginning of 2022. Fortunately, that wait is almost over, since it The Queen Bruja promises many important changes for Destination 2!

Destine 2 is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia and PC.

Are you waiting for these weapons to return in Destino 2? Are you getting excited about The Queen Bruja Expansion? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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The second season of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is delayed

Activision has delayed the arrival of the second season of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warz1.

This has been announced in a post on the official blog today, where the publisher explained that the season was delayed exactly two weeks, and its release date will be next February 14.

Right now, our community is having problems in Call of Duty: Vanguard, War zone Pacific, and Modern Warfare, Activision explained. We understand your frustrations and listen to you.


The delay does not only arrive at a time when Activision is at the point of sight after the purchase by Microsoft, and while the testing team in Raven Software is on strike for its working conditions after a wave of layoffs.

It is not the only delay of content of Call of Duty in recent weeks; War zone’s latest maps, published last November, were also delayed in the midst of a new controversy of work harassment.

As explained by Activision, they will use the additional development time to launch patches that optimize the game and balance certain aspects that are not satisfying users both in Vanguard and War zone Pacific, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare.