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Fortnite: Trailer for Season 3 shows insane celebrations and a big theme park

Fortnite ended the Season 2 in Chapter 3. Now the coming season in the insane trailer will certainly be provided with large parties and an amazing roller coaster.

The Cinematic Trailer for Fortnite promises a lot of fun in the brand-new Season 3. At the very beginning you can see vast coastlines, theme park with a significant roller coaster on which you drive with big rounds.
We are also attracted with wild events, with every one of this, certainly, Celebrity Wars is still the focus.

We are all expecting the start of the new season and maintain you approximately date:
When will Fortnite go once more?
Every little thing about the server down in front of Season 3 Phase 3

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The greatest progress of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the ray tracing and lighting

In a weekend marked by the Star Wars Celebration, where a lot of news related to the series that are yet to come from the franchise, there hXbox Series also been a place for video games. And regarding this, the event hXbox Series brought us no less than the announcement of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor , the expected sequel to the successful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In an interview with the Official Portal, its director Stig Xbox Seriesmussen hXbox Series talked about several topics, among which the technical advances that have allowed them to work with a new hardware such Xbox Series the new consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series.

“I think the greatest of PS5 and Xbox Series is the ray tracing and lighting,” Xbox Seriesmussen begins. “That hXbox Series allowed us to make real-time lighting with loyalty Xbox Series we have never produced before. Xbox Series real time, we can make changes while changing the light, bXbox Seriesically. That means there is more time to polish, and get Results that feel more cinematographic “.

Taking advantage of everything the new consoles offer

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Announcement Reveal Teaser Trailer

In addition, Xbox Seriesmussen talks about “rapid records such Xbox Series lightning” on both consoles, also anticipating that they will take advantage of PS5 dualsense capabilities.

“We have those fXbox Seriest records such Xbox Series lightning on those consoles that will allow us to load a lot of really fXbox Seriest content ,” he says. “I have always worked on games that do not have loading times. The fact that these consoles have such a rapid storage hXbox Series done the eXbox Seriesiest things. These are probably the two greatest benefits. And PlayStation 5 also hXbox Series an haptic technology in which We will deepen, it is a simpler process. “

At the moment Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hXbox Series no definitive launch date, not even an approximate window, but will arrive along 2023 to PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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These are Disney+ premieres for May 2022

Disney+ and Star+ are two platforms that have gained a great level of popular thanks to their original content and an extensive catalog of series, films and documentaries focused on the legacy of the properties that are within the reach of the mouse company. In this way, May will be a great month for the users of these platforms, since premieres such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chip and give: To the rescue they will be available next month.


-Galería Disney -Star Wars: Boba Fett’s book: May 4

-Padre Made in USA -Season 18: May 4

-War of The Worlds -Season 2: May 4

-Bingo and Rolly -Seasons 2 and 3: May 4

-The Quest: May 11

-The hunter: May 11

-Outmatched: May 11

-Big Hero 6 -Season 2: May 11

-Muppet Babies -Season 2: May 11

-How I Met Your Father: May 11

-The life and Beth: May 18

-The Harlem godfather -Seasons 1 and 2: May 18

-The Walking Dead -Season 11b: May 18

-The Passage: May 18

-Inter brothers-Seasons 1-3: May 18

-Wu-tang: An American Saga: May 25

-Papás commission: May 25

-Neboa: May 25

-Mayans M.C. -Seasons 1-3: May 25

-One for all-Seasons 1-9: May 25

-Doctora at the toy hospital -Season 4: May 25

-Obi-Wan Kenobi: May 27

-The Oussekine case -without defining


-We are: May 6

-Armageddon: May 6

-Sneakerella: Cinderella in shoes: May 13

-The proposition: May 13

-Assassin’s Creed: May 20

-The parking lot: May 20

-Eddie el Águila: May 20

-Chip and Dale: To the rescue: May 20

-Gool!: May 20

-Aliming the world: May 27

-The Apes Planet -Complete saga: May 27

Documentaries and specials:

-Europa from the sky -Season 1: May 4

New on Netflix | May 2022

-Ovnis in Europe: hidden stories -Season 1: May 4

-Bloody Tales of Europe -Season 1: May 4

-The return of the magicians: Álex against Álex: May 6

-The ten bigger beasts in the world: May 6

-Megaestructures: Maravillas of Engineering -Season 1: May 11

-Critical motion: Tigres in India: May 13

-Survival in the tribe -Season 3: May 18

-Wild Australia -Season 1: May 25

-JFK: Seven days that forged a president: May 27

In related issues, these are the premieres for HBO Max in May, and these are Netflix for next month.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, Obi-Wan Kenobi and chip and give: to the rescue are the most anticipated releases by all fans, and position themselves to be one of the best productions of their respective sagas. I can no longer wait to see Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan.

Way: Disney

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Nintendo is postponed with the launch of strategy SLG “Advance Wars 1 + 2” under the influence of the world situation-no Japan will be scheduled for Japan at this time

Nintendo announced the release postponement of the simulation game “ Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp ” scheduled to be released on April 8.

Advance Wars Official Trailer (2001, Nintendo/Intelligent Design)

This work has been launched for game Boy Advance, and works with “Advance Wars” and “Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising” as a set. Even in Japan, the original was set in 2004, and “Game Boy Wars Advance 1 + 2″ has been released.

This year’s work was decided this year in February this year, but this release postponement is announced. A new release date is undecided. The reason is considered to be a global situation, and it is considered due to the impact of military invitation to Ukraine by Russia, and it is thought that the war is also judged to be inappropriate due to the work of the motif. increase.

This work is originally no planned to be released in Japan, but the original “Advance Wars” has occurred due to the impact of the American Simultaneous Terrorization Case (9.11), and the Japan release has been discontinued.

“Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp” will be released in the United States and Europe for Nintendose. A new release date is undecided.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi seriess first pictures and teasing trailer pronounced – involved as familiar as new faces

EXCLUSIVE! Obi-Wan Kenobi FIRST LOOK, Character Details, Pictures & More Star Wars News!
Disney’s upcoming obi-wan Kenobi series was presented with images and teasing brackets. All revealed material is viewable from the end of the news. Disney + decided to expand its star Wars content as a result of the success of mandalorian. The next star Wars series to Disney + is a obi-wan Kenobi, which tells the story of Jedimeter always to meet the Luke Skywalker. Actress Ewan McGregor Revealed at the end of 2020, that the descriptions of a series focusing on obi-wan kenobin around the next year. The series also shows Hayden Christensen return to Anakin Skywalker, which is already called Darth Vader at the time of the series. Obi-wan Kenobi gets his premiere with the exclusivity of Disney + on May 25th.

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How do guilds work in Lost Ark?

Guilds are the basis for many games. Sometimes they are called other names such as clans or free companies, but in Lost Ark they are called guilds. Players can join the guild to formalize their partnership and express consent about the goals and gaming culture in Lost Ark.

In addition to the standard advantages of the guild, such as the presence of a larger number of like-minded people, Guilds in Lost Ark offer players another “fraction” to increase levels and improvements. As the guild level increases, it will be able to add more players, to take on new research tasks of the guild, open the guild shop, perform additional quests and much more.

Guilds can be raised by performing the guild tasks or participating in guild against the guild as well as guild against the environment content. Thus, conducting events as a guild, the guild will continue to increase its level and grow. This is a system with a sufficient stimulus to make an attachment worth.

Join the guild is quite simple. After completing the student quest or its full pass in the lower right corner of the user interface, a new button with the inscription community will appear . By clicking on this and choosing Guild displays a list of recruiting guilds. From there, players can send request ** To join, it must be approved by the Guild Master.

Lost Ark - Guild System Explained | Creating A Guild & Running It Right!
If the guild does not work for the player, it can go out by typing / Guildly in chat to exit.

To learn more about Lost Ark, check out all the locations of Mokoko Seed in Heart of Sceptrum in Lost Ark in Pro Game Guides.

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Guild Wars 2, New Expansion Packs End of Dragons Released North America, Europe

NC Soft (NC West) of NC Soft Co., Ltd. (NC West) of NC West (NC West) is Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2) New Expansion Pack ‘End of Dragons ™’ in North America and Europe February 28 (local standard) released.

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons is FINALLY Here!

Guild Wars 2 is a PC Online MMORPG (Multi-License Role Performance Game) produced by Arenanet (Arenanet), the North American development studios of the NC (NC). After launching the service in August 2012, we launched a total of three expansion packs from the “Heart of Thorns ™) ‘,’ Path of Fire ™ ‘, and” End of Dragons “, followed by” End of Dragons “.

End of Dragons ‘main stage,’ Cantha ‘continent is the second chapter of Guild Wars’ Guild Wars: Guild Wars Factions in 2006 in 2006. Canta, which is expressed by the culture of Oriental culture and visual, is a background of a new story.

Guild Wars 2 users can enjoy a variety of new contents. ▲ Four Open World Map ▲ Main character follows the main character, a multi-purpose auxiliary character ‘Jade Bot (Mount, Mount) “Siege Turtle’ ▲ Award and Fishing Possible vessels’ Skiff (Skiff) ‘▲ Up to 10 users who have killed Boss Monsters and receive compensation for each difficult idea, 9’ Specialization System (Elite Specializations) ) ” Is characterized by.

“Amy Liu, the overall producer of Guild Wars 2,” This expansion pack is an aggregate, creativity, and development of Arena Net, “and a collection of creativity, and development power,” I will write a new story of “

Global users can purchase and download expansion packs online. ▲ Standard Edition ▲ Deluxe Edition ▲ You can choose from Ultimate Edition (Ultimate Edition).

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Les Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Review

Last update there is September 14, 2020

With the amazing success of the original 1977 Star Wars trilogy, children and adults around the world have dreamed of days of their own adventures in a very distant galaxy. Although I’m one of the few not to be a big fan of movies (I just watched the first two trilogies, then The Force Awakens to my great despair), I can understand the appreciation and the amount of love (and hate) that the series has received. But despite the popularity of the franchises, it was still a little surprising when EA suddenly announced at the gamescom 2020 that it would bring us a DLC Star Wars pack – the Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu.

Journey to Batu takes you on the distant border planet of Batu from Galaxy’s Edge, the huge theme park of 14 acres located in Disneyland and Disney World. Once you have installed your extension, you visit our new vacation rent from your mobile phone that will instantly take you to Blackspire Outpost. From there, you will receive a series of a few simple tasks and after a quick decision-making, you will end up enlisting in the first order, to resume the galaxy with the rebellion or to turn to the life of a scoundrel.

With my new trailer character, we headed for another galaxy to see what manigans we can engage. When you land at Blackspire Outpost, I was immediately impressed by the details in this area and I really felt like walking in the world of Star Wars itself. But after some quick excursions in the areas available, you will find that the many buildings that make up Batuu are just as empty as the impressive new city that has been presented to us in Eco-lifestyle, but with a few more options.

By focusing on Blackspire Outpost, you can enter the Oga cantina, which is beautifully made by the way, which is equipped with its own robotic DJ and is where everyone can eat, drink, play and dance. But beyond that, the only other places where our sims can go are essentially a rabbit burrow. Whether you want to eat in Ronto or District 9, or if you want to cool off (take a shower and relieve your bladder) or sleep, you can click on these buildings to perform the desired action. But unlike the Oga cantina, your SIM disappears for about a minute, leaving the players wondering what the inside of these places looks like. Unlike eco-lifestyle ghost buildings, there are more options for us here, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

The Sims™ 4 Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu | Official Gameplay Trailer
But with empty buildings, there is still a lot to do with our Sims. When you choose and decide how faction you want to join, you will receive a list of tasks and, once completed, will provide you with the Batuu currency and win your favor with the resistance, the first order or the scoundrels. Some of these missions will include the piloting of our highly appreciated spaceships such as the T-70 X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon or the Tie Echelon for those who join the first order. When you go for missions that include these vehicles, your trip takes place essentially as if it were to choose your own adventure game, choosing several different options to advance your patrol before returning to your respective camp. Ultimately, we will be able to create our own personalized laser swords and not to mention the creation of our own fully interactive droids, which you want to use the classic R2D2 or BB8 models. I think one of my favorite things in this game pack was to be able to make sure that my robot friend follow me gently, to play the radio for me or uses it to distract the first order while I pile their Various mailboxes.

By having to do as many missions, you will often find slipping between the three zones (if you have not borrowed the first order path) that are available to us on Batuu. Often you will find that you will need to recover something from the first order camp to then find information from a scoundrel in Oga’s Cantina at the Blackspire Post and then report to someone from the resistance camp. Because of all zips, you will be forced to watch many loading screens that become a bit old after a while. The only thing that saves is that loading times are usually quite fast, at least.

In Create SIM mode, I was a little disappointed to see that there were no new features but there were two new aspirations. Unfortunately, the new aspirations do not really seem to affect and make sense only when you go on a trip to Batuu and will not be particularly useful outside. The new hairstyles we have are correct but I had hoped a few more options and styles. The new options for clothing, makeup, masks and hats that we have, however, I really dug. Obviously inspired by Star Wars, I loved the fact that many items can be superimposed and that they are different up and down, which means that I could customize my outfit on Star Wars by adding a Few of my own flair. Unfortunately, it was a bit thrown out, because when you are in Batuu, you need to wear native clothing without the possibility of using clothes or accessories outside the pack, which was a little disappointing for me.

The building elements we obtained were also impressive and very pleasant, but they were so obviously on Star Wars theme that I do not know if I would use them in one of my versions or in existing lots. Since the construction of homes in the Sims is an important aspect of the game, it is a little disappointing to see that the elements would not work in a modern house unless you deviate all your home, or a room, to Star Wars objects. However, if you wanted to create a cool restaurant on the industry theme, it would certainly work for you.

While Batuu’s planet is visually pleasant, I bored after the first hours. Journey to butu can be a little risky depending on the type of fan of sims you are. It’s a fun experience for the first time, but if you are someone who focuses more on the builds than on the realization of missions, this pack may not be the right pack for you. For Star Wars fans, I’m sure you’ll enjoy much better this downloadable content pack that me, because it will probably scratch this little itch that you might have for more Star Wars content.



  • Batuu is really a visual treat
  • BB-8 is adorable
  • New clothes and accessories are impressive
  • Reconnect to Star Wars characters


The bad

  • A ton of empty buildings
  • Voyager constantly agites very quickly
  • Aspirations is only relevant for this DLC pack