VfL Wolfsburg: Lukas Nmecha Still Not a Candidate for Starting Line-Up After Knee Injury


National gamer Lukas Mecca from the Bundesliga club VFL Wolfsburg is still not yet a candidate for the beginning line-up after his serious knee injury to the Lower Saxony.
Lukas is still an alternative from the financial institution and also has to work out more mins, claimed VFL instructor Nike Kovacs prior to the residence video game on Sunday (5:30 p.m./ DAZN) against Eintracht Frankfurt.

MECCA comes from Bank-Franjic missing out on for weeks

While the striker is at the very least available for a partial usage, Barton Frantic will certainly not be available to the trainer for numerous weeks.
The Croatian midfielder suffered a muscular tissue fiber tear in training.
His group with a win against Hesse could relocate up to 2 points to 6th location that would be adequate for the Europa League certification, Kovacs is still targeting a location in the Europa Meeting League.

To do this, the wolves would have to claim 7th location: That would be a great action, you need to always specify milestones.


Marco Hober Reflects on His Farewell from Borussia Dortmund II: Recounting Setbacks & Successes

After six years at the U 23 from Borussia Dortmund, Marco Homer just recently opened a new chapter.
The midfielder has been under contract with regional league team SV Rödinghausen for a few weeks.
In the interview, the 27-year-old talks about his brand-new task and his time at BVB.
The change was initially prepared for the summer when it came to her obligation.
How did motion enter into the matter, Mr. Homer?
In the back series, I still finished a few brief tasks for the U 23 of the BVB in the 3rd department.
However, when I wasn’t in the team around winter break in some video games, I had issues how my season established.
Everybody involved worked constructively on a solution.
I am glad that the change might currently happen.
However, the goodbye was difficult for me.
At BVB, they were not just a knowledgeable, however also the earliest player.
How did you experience your time there?
Quickly after Daniel Fake took control of the team as a coach, I concerned Dortmund as a young gamer in January 2016.
My circumstance at Armenia Bielefeld was challenging after the second division climbing, so I was awarded.
The U 23 of the BVB has actually always been among the leading groups in the Regionally West.
I enjoyed being able to reveal myself at such a level.
After my loan I went to the sports fans Lott.
In summer 2018, BVB brought me back after a difficult season.
The sporting director Ingo Press constantly believed in me.
I am really grateful for that.
I more than happy to go to support the talents in their development.
In the end, I was hardly ever able to do this with competitive games.
That wasn’t enough for me.
Was there likewise the chance to sniff professional air?
I was permitted to go to the training camp and trip to Asia under Thomas Tuchel in summer season 2016.
That was an excellent experience.
No matter whether hotel, travel conditions or the football-based quality of the football was a totally different world.
As a young player with world stars and betting Manchester City or Manchester United, was a drastic experience.
February 202340: 58 minutes

# 5: Referee in amateur football with Patrick Dietrich

The start of the 2nd half of the season is completed-Felix and Dinar report back to the podcast with various sensations.
In combination with Bundesliga referee Patrick Dietrich, the two discuss referees in amateur football and generate him in the way he would whistle in the district league.

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# 3: squeezed like a lemon


# 2: match day rituals and sleep on the highway


# 1: Kid’s series and expert football

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With 128 competitive games, they take 9th place at the Dortmund U-23 record gamers.
What moments are particularly remembered?
The promo to the 3rd league protrudes in terms of sport.
It was excellent enjoyable to have actually been part of this development.
We have worked towards this goal for many years.

I not just knowledgeable football at the U 23 as an organization.
I got to understand a great deal of people, a relationship stays a lot of.
Over the years, for instance, the managers or physiotherapists have actually ended up being more than simply work coworkers.
That made it so tough to state goodbye.
They were only active in Westphalia in their career.
Are you a person connected to home?
My parents still live in Bielefeld.
My sweetheart also originates from there.
I am extremely grateful for playing football professionally near friends and family.
That is not a matter of course.
At an earlier time of my career, a modification to another area would have been considered.
When Daniel Fake ended up being a coach at Norwich City, I was in the room that I went to England.


Regrettably, a change did not become concrete at the time.
What have you finished with Rödinghausen?
Those responsible offered me to comprehend in the conversations that they are preparing with me in the long term.
Here I wish to accompany the next development process.
As a technically experienced gamer, I would be pleased to take duty, wish to advance our game with my overview and my passing game.
Kaan-Marienborn is a visitor in her first home video game with the SVR.
What do you expect?
Kaan-Marienborn plays a strong season as a promoted.
Our starting point is rather negative with eight games without a win.
We must not forget what services we are able to do.
If we get our efficiency focused on the square, we will create the turn.


Serhou Guirassy Out: Stuttgarts Danger Man Leaves Labbadia Surprised with Thomas Kastanaras in His Place

Serious Grassy will be missing the Swabian for 4 weeks.
A tendon in the left adductor area is torn.
A hard blow for the Stuttgart, who need to do without their most unsafe attackers for a very long time.
The guy from Guinea has scored 6 objectives in 13 missions up until now and did a preparatory work for another objective.
Behind it are Water End, Chris Zurich and Silas with 3 objectives each.

The CFB captain and Management run out the concern for this position.
Silas, who co-trained totally once again today after his calf injury, is a possible choice for Grassy’s representative role with his prehistory as a man-experienced guy.

Pfeiffer is the most likely variant

Luca Pfeiffer is the most favorite and most likely line-up, who, nevertheless, had the ability to convince just when in his previous appearances in the CFB jersey.
In 2-1 versus FC Augsburg on match day 12 at the end of October.


When he was alternative to Grassy last Sunday, the 1.95 m hunter had a hard time.
To make matters worse, he missed out on a huge possibility in the 0-2 against the North Germans when he did not get a flank in the five-meter room in included time of the first half and only headed to the shoulder and from there over the objective.
That would have been the perfect time for the trip, said Bruno Lambada, who should see Pfeiffer the most in front of an alternative.
Especially because he has actually just used co-candidate Silas in all games given that taking workplace on the external lanes.

Cassandras can wish for one chance

Stuttgart’s head coach could also head out to be a huge surprise and offer Thomas Cassandras.
The leading scorer last season in the U-19-Junior Bundesliga SUD/ Suggest (26 objectives) was currently allowed to begin in Leipzig.
At that time, nevertheless, on the right.
The 20-year-old had the very first and long possibility of the Swabians in the 1-2.
This commitment had should have all the preparation, stated Lambada, who kept huge pieces on the young expert.
Thomas displays in every training session that he desires to discover and step forward. It benefited the first look.
The young guy is still facing major challenges.
He has another way.
The good thing is, nevertheless, that he makes sure and observed. He has to continue and must not rest on it. I have no doubt about that.


Could Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Be On His Way To Los Angeles FC?

After his booting from the Champions League squad of Chelsea, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might obviously still have the chance of changing lightning.
As the relevé portal reports, the blues with the Los Angeles FC from the MLS are in settlements on a transfer of the 33-year-old.
Chelsea’s purchasing craze in winter season had drastic consequences for Aubameyang.
The Gabon was painted out of the team for the Champions League by coach Graham Potter and can for that reason no longer play in the premier class in the 2nd half of the season.
Hence, the reunion with his ex-club Borussia Dortmund is also out in the round of 16.
After Aubameyang got the news, he is stated to have been stunned and initially got away to Milan.
Since then there have actually been rumors about the athletic future of the striker.


According to Daily Mail, Aubameyang’s ex-club FC Barcelona, Air Conditioning Milan and Atlético Madrid are already thinking about a transfer in summer season.
An instant change would still be possible to nations in which the transfer window is still open.
The United States belongs to this, the new MLS season does not start up until completion of February.
According to info from SPOT and Objective, Los Angeles, at least acting master, pursues a rental business.
In California, Aubameyang could play the function of Gareth Bale, who had actually ended his career after the World Cup in Qatar.
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Aubameyang just moved from FC Barcelona to London in September, the striker was the wanted gamer of the then coach Thomas Tuchel.
A couple of days later, Tunnel was launched.

Prior to his time in Spain, Aubameyang was active at Toolbox for 4 years, from 2013 to January 2018 he was searching for BVB.


Mallorca Provokes Reals Vinicius: An Opponents Incorrect Insults, Special Applause and A

You don’t need to say sorry from Maghreb.
When the last whistle sounded in the sunny Mallorca, he tore his arms up and whipped the audience once again.
Vinicius was on the other hand one of the first to make his method towards the cabin.


A kind of bodyguard was not seen half a meter behind him that the Brazilian was neither provoked nor provoked.
It was Carlo Ancelotti.

It is thought about a great gesture when coaches, especially well-deserved players replace early to give them unique applause.
The fact that a gamer demands his own removal to be commemorated is definitely a rarity.
Due to the fact that he has provoked his challenger so strongly for a long time that he almost burned the merges, a novelty must be that he requires it.
That’s exactly what Pablo Maghreb did in Mallorca.
When he offered his trainer the indication, the right-back in the home video game against Genuine Madrid on Sunday had simply fouled Vinicius Junior once again.
Maghreb asked about his substitution due to the fact that he wished to stand ovation, confirmed Mallorca’s coach Javier Aguirre at El Chiringuito.
No doubt-she would have got.

Scharmützel via social media

Vinicius against Mallorca, especially Vinicius against Maghreb, is a duel with history.
In March 2022, Genuine won 3-0 on the vacation island, the then promoted group fought with tough bandages.
Captain Antonio Rail lo was lucky to see dark yellow after a hard nasty on Rodrigo.
Because of an ankle injury to leave the place, the Brazilian needed foreign help.
Vinicius, objective scorer to 1-0, published a photo on which he lets the unfortunate-looking Maghreb go out after the video game.
The previous Stuttgart reacted shortly later on.
In his part, he provided an image of the two in a battle with a kiss emoji of 2 males.
No trace of charity.
Maghreb had currently seen through the video game on Sunday that he was not gotten by Vinicius with open arms.

I have absolutely nothing against him, he is an excellent gamer. However, if he informs you in the field that you will leave with your group, then naturally you get disturbed, he said at Cope Bale ares.
And: At school it was stated that I would act terribly. My mother said that the instructors would definitely not invent it and were consumed by me.
And that’s how it is with Vinicius.
We are not obsessed with him. It will likewise be due to his habits.

La Liga determined since of racist slogans

Vinicius didn’t get a second on Sunday to show remorse.
The audience improved him, clapped versus him after fouls, insulted him under the belt.
This can likewise be clearly heard on sound recordings that the March has actually released.
La Liga when again identified the unbearable racist insults against the Madrid player Vinicius JR, as mentioned in a declaration.
In the heated environment, Mallorca’s gamers did practically everything to conjure up a termination for Vinicius, who is prone to the justification.
Two times, Maghreb dropped theatrically versus the Brazilian away from the ball, the very first time the referee fell in and showed Vinicius Genes his 5th, which also indicates a lock in Spain.

provocations through the coat of arms

Shortly later on was a break.
Vinicius’ grievances en route to the cabin were justified, but really vehemently that they could have made great and gladly in the traffic control card.
The likewise grumbling Dani Cellos saw yellow.
It looked like a compromise of the referee.
In the direction of the cabin tract, Vinicius also provocative the real coat of arms in front of the Mallorca fans, of which Reilly obviously got wind.
The captain of the Mallorca later on held the Madrilène the Mallorca coat of arms on his own jersey.
29 fouls devoted Mallorca in the encounter, Vinicius caught it ten times.
On top of that, there was the opposite of an apology: Rail lo and Maghreb both showed him in the course of the game with the popular Other Matthews gesture versus And Miller, which was for a howls use Vinicius.
Complaints: Maghreb, Vinicius and a helpless Ancelotti.

Ancelotti’s plea

All of this had to watch a relatively powerless Carlo Ancelotti from the outdoors, who had Vinicius played through regardless of whatever.
Maybe the Italian just wished to save his protégé the responses of the audience in Boy Mix.
The 22-year-old also took out a penalty, which Marco Ascension missed in the 60th minute.
Whatever that occurs, has taken place and will occur is not Vinicius’ to blame. He simply wants to play football, stated Ancelotti.
Then there is an environment that provokes, challengers who provoke him and foo ult’s was is what takes place. You have to look at what took place to him in this game.
It was just on Wednesday that Vinicius got a bad kick from Gabriel Bautista in the 2-0 against Valencia, the offender has now apologized.


The Nissan Qashqai e: Testing The Hybrid Crossover That Runs On Fuel Not Electricity

As he looks: You might count the Sasha among the SUVs, Nissan chooses the more socially appropriate term crossover.
The model is currently being sold in the 3rd generation with the weird name.
While the predecessor was still a more soft-rinsed journeyman, the Sasha III successfully tries to perform a more manly and well-proportioned look.
The length of 4.43 meters has a place in the competitive environment of VW Tiguan, Škoda Karol or Kia Shortage.
And the so-called CMF CD platform does not have the Sasha specifically, Group sister Renault puts its brand-new compact SUV on it.
The name Sasha, whose spelling itself stumbles, by the way, is not a linguistic art item, however refers to the Paschal, a nomadic people from the Iranian south.
How it is established: Inexpensive hard plastic is looking for the important eye in vain, whatever in the traveler location looks high quality and cleanly processed, the Sasha embeds its guests on comfortable seats, which are not only heated, but likewise ventilated and geared up with a message function.
The now obligatory digital instrument spreads in front of the driver, the community on the right is taking a big touchscreen, in the infotainment along with TomTom, the navigation system, also Amazons Alexa.
Legitimate environment: guest location in the Sasha.
Cams send a handy 360-degree picture to the screen when navigating, and it also reveals what is going on in front of the car by pressure on the Cam button.
Otherwise, the dash provider testifies to a conservative thinking about the interior strategists, since they have actually left the Sasha all sorts of haptic buttons and rotary controls, for instance for volume, cooling along with seating and steering wheel heating.
Sometimes the direct course is just the very best.
Just how much space he has: the best places, not surprising, the 2 fronts.
A minimum of ideal and left wing get an appropriate level of flexibility of movement, the medium seating corresponds to what the cat table remains in the dining establishment.
The trunk has 455 to 1415 liter capacity to offer, which is a typical worth.
The tailgate opens electrically depending upon the devices or at an additional charge of 600 euros.
We discovered the two floorboards very useful, which cover the lower part of the loading floor, use, to be switched on or to be used in a variable manner.
What drives him: Nissan has often scolded that the Sasha Gang is readily available as a plug-in hybrid in contrast to numerous rivals.
Now, however, the part-time existing no longer receives government funding, which likewise has the criticism of the plugs.
And it draws attention to other cost savings technologies: E-Power is called a hybrid system that Nissan has been running in Japan since 2017 and has now also brought to Europe.
The technology makes it possible to drive electrically, but just to fill up with fuel.
How it works?
About a detour: The most important component is a 1.5-l trial cylinder with 116 kW/158 hp, a 140 kW/190 hp electrical motor, a small drive battery with 2.1 kWh and an inverter.
The combustion engine just stays generator and operates the on-board power generation.
Depending upon the driving situation, the existing flows via the inverter to the buffer battery, the electrical motor or both addressees.
It is then the electric motor that ultimately drives the front wheels, so the bottom line is not wrong to mention electrical driving.
Nissan also sets up the E-Power technology in the larger SUV X-Trail, then likewise in connection with the E-Force all-wheel drive.
From Sasha there is an alternative of a simple moderate hybrid with 103 kW/140 hp.
E-power technology: The combustion engine plays a supporting function.
How he drives: On this point, the Sasha E-Power convinced us all around.
He not only chooses up whispering speed, however also stays acoustically extremely discreet in the more operation.
This actually conveys a nearly electrical and really cultivated sensation.
The speed and speed establish analogously, so there is no unappealing elastic band effect, in which the engine is currently strained prior to the pace has increased.
The motorist or the motorist or the motorist does not observe the complicated processes in the background.
The acceleration is also similarly set, linearly and quickly as with the real electrical vehicle.

There is likewise an EV button through which the three-cylinder can be actively sent out into the break.
Then no fuel is consumed at all.
Since of the low battery capability, however, this operates at a lot of over 3 kilometers and a speed of about 55 km/h.
With even cruises on a flat path, the combustion engine also takes out.
In addition, two alternatives can be used to recuperate.
One is the speed of B, the other of the additional high e-pedal mode.
Quick drivers should be stated that the Sasha E-Power on the freeway provides a maximum of 170 km/h.
From 0 to 100 km/h he rushes in 7.9 seconds.
No hit: The top speed of the Sasha E-Power is restricted to 170 km/h.
What he consumes: We were delighted.
Nissan speaks from 5.4 to 5.3 l/100 km.
This can be done, however then you have to be cautious and/or primarily inner-city streets with the corresponding recovery opportunities.
Beyond the highway instructions speed, you must anticipate a 7 before the decimal point.
On average, we accounted for 6.3 l/100 km.
What he uses: The Nissan Sasha is offered in 5 devices versions.
For the e-power variation, the offer only goes from the middle lot.
It is called Connect and places on the mementos of the lower levels of the lower levels, for instance, adaptive speed with spacer, rear cross-traffic caution, dead angle and high-beam assistant as well as traffic indication detection, two-zone automatic climate automatic and reversing camera-noch digital cockpit, 12.3-inch infotainment velvet
Navy, Around-View display with 360-degree circuit and 18-inch alloy wheels on it.
Made identifiable: Visually, the Sasha interacts the unique type of the drive.
From Tenney level, head-up display, partial self-governing driving characteristics, automated parking, seating, steering wheel and front panel heating and electrical tailgate are included.
The top model Tenney+ includes Nissan, among other things, a Bose stereo, electrically adjustable front seats with massage function and a scenic glass roofing system.
What it costs: from 41,360 euros.
Compared to the mild hybrid, this is a surcharge of at least 2400 euros.
What we think: The e-power drive offers us a fictional thumb high emoji.
It is quiet, cultivated and of smooth, plastic folding.
That stands in itself as an advantage.
Nevertheless, intake just stays truly low in the lower speed variety.
UCLA Elmer

the information of the Nissan Sasha 1.5 VC-T E-Power

Drive hybrid, front-wheel drive, stepless automated transmission
Combustion engine:
Displacement 1477-1497 CCM
Cylinder 3
Efficiency 116 kW/158 hp at 4600/min
Max. Torque 250 Nm at 2240-4400/ min.
Efficiency 140 kW/190 hp.
Max. Torque 330 Nm.
Battery lithium-ion, 2.1 kWh.
Top speed 170 km/h.
Velocity 0 to 100 km/h 7.9 sec.
Norm intake WLTP 5.4-5.3 l S/100.
Test consumption 6.3 l S per 100 km.
CO2 emission 122-120 g/km.
Pollutant basic Euro 6D-ISC-FCM.
Energy performance class B-A.
Length 4.43 m.
Width 1.83 m without, 2.08 m with exterior mirrors.
Height 1.62 m.
Seats 5.
Trunk 455 to 1415 l.
Fuel tank 55 L.
Empty weight 2180 kg.
Acceptable total weight 1699-1803 kg.
Payload 377-481 kg.
Bag 750 kg, decreased and uncontrolled.
Insurance coverage Type classes 14 (KM), 23 (TK), 21 (VK).
Cost from 41,360 euros.


FC Bayern Strikes Back: Sharp Criticism After DFB Cancels Womens Bundesliga Game

After the cancellation of the women’s Bundesliga game set for Sunday in between Turbine Potsdam and FC Bayern Munich (1:00 p.m.), the German Football Association should be slammed by Bayern.

We were in exchange with the dfb due to the fact that we knew about the issue. It didn’t matter, stated ing director Bianca Reach in Magenta : This could have been much better.
We talk about wanting to make the league more professional.
The bottom of the table versus the second was canceled due to the playability of the square.
At the end of the first round, Bavaria could not reduce the gap of eight indicate leader VFL Wolfsburg.


This is mega aggravating and absolutely bitter, stated Reach: The video game would have been essential for us to keep the connection.


Boris Becker: Could He Be The Savior German Tennis Has Been Waiting For?

After the preventable end of the Davis Cup against Switzerland, German tennis is under pressure.
The potential customers are modest, but not helpless.
Boris Becker stood the perplexity on the face, only with a day postpone the three-time Wimbledon winner was a half-hearted public declaration.
We fought hard and left whatever on the pitch, wrote Becker on Instagram.
In this case, the German Davis Cup group for his no less perplexed leader Alexander Zverev needed to combat for the 2-3 in Trier in the playoffs for transfer worldwide group.
We had not really envisioned that, stated DTB President Liftoff from Arnie.


It is as it is, I can’t alter it, said an annoyed Zeal.
It was 1: 1 after the very first day in Trier, so Zeal was still able to make up for the opening defeat of the overwhelmed Oscar Otto with a two-set win versus old master Stan Katrina.
24 hr later on, Zeal was changed.
The 2-1, provided by the double Tim Putz and Andreas Main, might not use his defeat against Marc-Andrea Heller and the not successful rearing of Daniel Altair versus Katrina brought Germany to the edge of 2nd class.
Zeal, after his major foot injury in June 2022, still looking for kind and consistency, stands almost symbolically for the condition of the German guy’s tennis in 2023. It is barely possible in the team if Germany’s flagship specialist is not in place.
We have the problem that a minimum of in singles the gap to Zeal is substantial, stated previous Wimbledon winner Michael Stick of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Boris Becker as rescuer?

DTB probably not averse
And now?
The view of the coming months and the trend-setting playoff round in September is not really appealing.
Oscar Otto has just recently been guilty, even the currently injured Jan-Lennard Stuff is not a reputable point plan, and Daniel Altair has not provided too many countable things since his unexpected round of 16 at the French Open 2020.

And so the circle closes to Boris Becker.
The 55-year-old, at the invitation of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) as a friend of the team in Trier, continuously with the team, is undoubtedly not averse to another partnership with the DTB.
The form of his old position as Head of Guys ‘Tennis can and will show the kind in what form this will be and whether he can and will return to his old position as Head of Men’ Tennis.
It is also clear: Tennis is Becker’s core skills, the gamers listen to him, he has something to state.
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Can be canceled at any time.
Group employer Michael Kuhlmann prevented his group despite the defeat.
Actually, nobody can accuse themselves of anything, he stated.
Kuhlmann, in workplace for exactly 8 years, did and did a great job, he has to work with what he has.
We lack a bit in the width, stated DTB President of Arnie, who hopes for a house video game in play-off.
With the very best possible group and the home audience in the back, I would be extremely confident that we will also play worldwide group next year, on Arnie informed the SID.


Christoph Daums Triumphant Return to Television After Cancer Battle: What He Shared in His First Interview

The long-time Bundesliga coach Christoph Drum has first appeared on TV after his openly made cancer.
In the Morgenmagazin of the ARD, the 69-year-old provided information about his state of health.
Lung carcinoma had actually been found at Drum in summer season.
In October, he had made the disease public.
The disastrous outcome brought him into stumbling at the beginning, Drum confessed to Anna Planked on Friday morning.
After completion of his chemotherapy, he was clearly emaciated that the hair on his head had simply started growing again.
I now process all the materials that I have in my body. It is currently very violent, said Drum.
And further: In some cases it is as if the plug is pulled me.
His earlier work as a trainer now assists him with his own motivation: I utilized to do that with others, so I had to construct others to beat an opponent.
He likewise stopped smoking: When the situation took place, I stated overnight: ‘End, out’..
Drum also campaigned for regular check-outs to the arrangement: The possibility of having a more careful life is far greater..
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  • Annoyed in front of Dortmund duel.
  • Cheek!.
    Never on the pillory-Babbel attacks Bavaria employers.
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    During his training profession, Drum had trained 1. FC Cologne, VfB Stuttgart, Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt.

He was also active abroad at Besides, Fenerbahçe, Austria in Vienna or FC Bruges.
His last coaching station was the Romanian national group (2016-2017).


Atletico Madrid Lining Up To Sign Marcus Thuram From Borussia Mönchengladbach On A Free Transfer

According to the Spanish sports paper AS, Atlético Madrid will try to employ Playback’s Marcus Thu ram totally free of charge in summer.
The Rojiblancos wished to have the French in the previous couple of weeks, however the price called of 10 to twelve million euros had actually been too high for them.

Thu ram’s contract with the foals expires in summer, which not only makes him a transfer-free however likewise a very popular kicker.
The paper describes the striker as deal, for whom Juventus, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are said to be passionate.
FC Bayern Munich has likewise been intensively connected with Thu ram in the past.
The Champions League qualification for the coming season should be vital for the Atlético chances in advertising around Thu ram.


If this is successful, according to the report, the Madrilène would be one of the leading candidates for Thu ram.
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That says Eric
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The 25-year-old Thu ram has ten objectives and three templates in 17 video games in the existing Bundesliga season.
He took part in the 2022 World Cup for France and played five video games in Qatar.
In the final he prepared a goal from Kylian Mbappé.