Steam is distributed for a limited time for a limited time at Steam. Childrens alien vs. zombie aliens

Personal developer Alper Gönen started distributing the zombie vijutter “MIDO AND DI” on April 29 at Steam. The period is until 2:00 am on May 3rd. If you add it to the library during the period, you will continue to play even after the distribution period.

XENOMORPH BREAKOUT | Aliens VS Predator (Alien Campaign Part 1)

“MIDO AND DI” is a single player. The main character is MIDO, an alien child. The stage of this work is in the nightmare that MIDO is watching. In a dream, a zombie alien approaches MIDO. It is the name DI that reaches out to the MIDO pinch. He is a fictional companion that MIDO draws in the picture. MIDO learns how to fight zombies and defeat zombie aliens using weapons.

MIDO has three types of weapons with different characteristics. It is also possible to win coins by combining ice and flame weapons to defeat enemies. The acquired coins can be used to upgrade their weapon performance. There are 17 types of stages that confront the zombies at the time of the game start, each with multiple waves. Let’s counter the zombies approaching in each place.

In this work, which looks quite unique, 59 % of STEAM user reviews are popular “pros and cons” status. One of the negative opinions is that the optimization is insufficient or that the defect is noticeable. On the other hand, some users say that they enjoyed the outstanding visuals and simple games. At least more than half are popular. When I actually touched this work, I felt the pleasure of shooting Bunbun and alien guns with my head -like, despite the strong sharpness. In any case, free distribution is a great opportunity to make sure that this work is suitable for your skin.

“MIDO AND DI” is currently being distributed for free at Steam. The period is until 2:00 am on May 3rd. If you add it to the library during the period, you will continue to play even after the distribution period.


Fortnite, Daily Shop 17 April 2022

Fortnite renews its temporary skins, emotive, graffiti, music and other loading screens to acquire to customize your explosive parts of Battle Royale. Discover today the cosmetics available for purchase in the Fortnite Store on April 17, 2022.


The update of Sunday 17 April 2022 of the Store of Fortnite Battle Royale

Like Every Day, Epic Games Renew The Skins Shop, Emotes and Cosmetics Defortnite on this Sunday 17 April 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Android, PC and even again on IOS. Some skins are only very occasional in Fortnite while others remain on sale several consecutive weeks when highlighted as part of a partnership. Do not hesitate too much before buying a skin or an emote that you like if you miss it, you may have to wait several months, or even years, before it comes on sale on the shop of Fortnite! Anyway, here are the cosmetics and customization objects available, including Uncharted and Tom Holland in Fortnite, with the expense of your precious V-Bucks, since this morning 1h in the Shop of Fortnite du Sunday 17 April 2022 :

Store Fortnite from Sunday 17 April 2022: Skins, emotions and cosmetics “A la one”

Store Fortnite from Sunday 17 April 2022: Skins, emotions and cosmetics “Daily”

Store Fortnite from Sunday 17 April 2022: Skins, emotions and cosmetics “Other offers”

Store Fortnite from Sunday 17 April 2022: Skins, emotes and cosmetics “Coachella”

Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* Imegined Override! April 17 2022 (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Store Fortnite from Sunday 17 April 2022: Skins, emotions and cosmetics “Customize your hero”

See you on Monday, April 18th 2022 at 1am to discover the Next update of the daily Shop of Fortnite Battle Royale and the next skins and emotions it will be possible to buy with the help of Your V-Bucks.

price of V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale

The following are the rates currently in effect in euros in metropolitan France for the purchase of V-Bucks:

  • Price of 1000 V-Bucks: 7,99 €
  • Price of 2800 V-Bucks: € 19.99 (12% bonus)
  • Price of 5000 V-Bucks: 31.99 € (25% bonus)
  • Price from 13500 V-Bucks: 79,99 € (35% bonus)

Remember, if you want to purchase V-Bucks to make your purchases, take a look at the special offers available at the bottom of the shop: for the same price as V-Bucks alone, you Can often acquire a pack of skins and cosmetics accompanied by a few hundred V-bucks that make these purchases much more profitable than the purchase of V-Bucks alone in the Fortnite Battle Royale .


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Lost ark

Lost Ark Offline: Server today eight hours Down – Preparation on the Great April

Lost Ark is offline: Today Find Maintenance work at MMORPG from Amazon and SmileGate RPG. In the forum for the game, the developers call details of the process. Players should have already noticed that the servers have been reached since 9 o’clock down and not. Logins and game contributions are therefore currently not possible. This will remain for a while: the DOWNTIME is set in a duration of eight hours . Therefore, with the return of the Lost Ark server to expect until 5 pm. Only then can you get back into the game. Considering that the information is not final and can come to delays.

Big update first end of the month

“All Lost ARK servers and regions will be switched offline on April 14 at 9:00 am for a weekly maintenance and a backend update. The downtime will take about 8 hours to make the team changes to the backend to the content Update to prepare at the end of the month, “the developers share.

New rewards


Means: The big April update stands for Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) not available today. Rather, the developers screw in the background to prepare the MMORPG on the arrival of the patch. Whether the makers still submit patch notes, should therefore be unlikely. What awaits you in April and May at Lost Ark, you read in the roadmap under the link set. After all, there’s a small consolation paving for the long maintenance: between the 14th and 21st April a new in-game presence event with additional rewards runs :

  • Light of the Regulus Currency Chest X 5
  • Combat probe X 3
  • PhoenixFlaum x 30
  • Selector chest with fusion material X 2
  • Jump x 3
  • Unas Task – Instant Shot X 5

To home page

New world

STEAM MORE IS RPG “Party Rush! ! “Apde delivery. Resolve problems that will be inoperable

CREST is April 1, different world relief Senkical RPG party rush! ! “Implemented”. Although this work was released on March 24, several defects have been reported in STeam review. There were also serious things such as becoming impressive in the middle of the story, but it seems to have been fixed in this update.

“Party rush! ! “” Is an RPG that can be organized more than 160,000. Approximately 100 characters to become friends. Players can make various different world people friends through stories progress and search.

The stage of the story is a continent called Crimson Waffle. In Crimson Waffle, several red dimension holes will open 15 years ago, and the existence of different worlds falls like rain. Since then, various incidents involving different worlds have occurred. The protagonist peppermint is a girl with the ability of the “party maker” to summon the existence of different worlds. Although she does not have the power to fight, she opens a different world and crimson waffle and summon a different world, and borrowing their abilities and opens up the situation.

Bugs that have been modified in this update are serious things that are not progressive. Specifically, in the product version of Story Chapter 5, an error message is displayed, and it becomes impossible to proceed, “after clearing the 24th challenge of the product version and trial version, an error message is displayed when gaining griffing road. It is two points of “not progressive”. None of the STEAM reviews and SNS, etc. were received, and it seems that it was highly reproducible. In addition, detailed corrections are also implemented, such as unifying the notation of the item “large and light feathers” in the vocational characters and the simple character, and the trial version image from the situation after the product version release.

It has also been announced about the currently confirmed problem. Please check here for more information on this update.

“Party rush! ! “” Is on sale for 1055 yen (tax included) for PC (STeam).

How to fix Steam games From Crashing - 7 Methods!


Lost ark

Lost Ark makes fun of new classes, revealed roadmap

_ ARCA lost_ Players will soon see the next game roadmap to get a preview of some content planned for April and May, and with that a look at some classes that will then join the MMO. Smilegate RPG did not specify which classes would be on that road map or tracks on the roles or when they would be launched, but the classes were not the only fragments of content that mocked the incursions and the continents and more will also be established. Included on the road map.

Conversations about the road map and classes presented indoors were shared in a Smilegate publication that started the month talking about the main problems facing the game. While getting a new road map is not a problem in itself, some players may have problems with the fact that the April and May road map will not reach April, while this type of roadmaps generally share A lot of anticipation. Smilegate recognized that frustration and said he hopes to “prioritize quality and accuracy about delivery speed”.

Lost Ark | Roadmap LEAK and 2 New Classes Revealed!

A date has not yet been given for the launch of the next roadmap, but Smilegate did a preview of the previews that will contain. Smilegate, naturally, warned that the content shown on the roadmap can be adjusted or moved according to the comments received from the community, but it seems that the preview of the content of the next two months will have a lot to wait.

“When the road map arrives, it will provide an advance of the upcoming classes, incursions, continents and other updates that we intend to launch in our monthly content updates of April and May,” said Smilegate. “It will not share each change or include each event, troubleshooting or improvement of the quality of life included in weekly updates during those months. You may even change according to the data and comments we receive ».

It seems to be worthwhile to wait for classes, incursions and more, and the promise of more changes and events not included in the road map should give players some surprises during April and May. Again, a launch date for this roadmap has not yet been established, but it is expected that the next arrive before the months that it is supposed to cover.


Paper Shotgun will not be updated until Monday

The industry of the videogame not for not even the weekend, but on this occasion you do not expect news from now on 15:00 today Friday, April 1, and next Monday, April 4.

How to make a paper double barrel shotgun that shoots

The reason is not another that the implementation of important technical changes in our internal platform, which will prevent us from publishing new content during the weekend and to you comment, edit the accounts or create new users. During this period we are going to migrate all the current content to the new system, and that forces us to put the web “pause” for a couple of days, but once this process is finished everything will return to normal.

There will be no important changes in the functionality of the Web with the new version and design (at the moment) it will be the same to which you are accustomed, although you will notice some improvements in the mobile version and in the publication of comments. There will also be changes in the account system, using a general system (the ReedPOP ID) that will be common for all the websites of the Gamer Network, from Paper Shotgun to VG247, passing through Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamesindustry or VGC. Current users, in any case, do not have to worry too much… During the weekend we will migrate the users and you will only have to make login again once the new version is activated.

But as we said, most changes are internal. The new tools will allow us to work better, and the new platform will also allow our technical team to make changes and add features that until now were not possible. The dark mode on the web? Is on the way…

We appreciate your patience while we implement all these changes. See you next week!


The King of Fighters XV announces a totally free DLC with a brand-new boxer as well as video game setting: Day and trailer

Omega Rugal will land as a boxer at The King of Fighters XV on April 14 The developers are introduced via a communiqué on their site that does not lack a magnificent trailer . And also, continuing with the info provided by SNK, the boxer omega rugal will certainly sign up with the jackboard template the next April 14 , although you can currently acquaint on your own with the activities of it in the video Published by the authors of the game.

【ENG】KOF XV | Accolade Trailer

With this, The King of Fighters XV comes close to a little bit more to its goal of removing 13 fighters along 2022 , which would certainly broaden the staff to the 52 characters. In our analysis we commented that this fifteenth deliver will certainly please all fans of the franchise, however will hardly have the ability to catch the interest of new gamers . In spite of this, given that SNK already check out the future and prepare a new computer game with Unreal Engine.

But right here they do not finish up the information of The King of Fighters XV, because this DLC will additionally go into the ‘ BOSS Challenge ‘ mode. Returning to Omega Rugal, this technique will certainly compel us to end a much more hard and also effective variation of this boxer, what will unlock benefits as a new circumstance, music and a clothes for the character.

The King of Fighters has increased as a franchise to bear in mind by the lovers of the fighting games , and his latest The King of Fighters XV wishes to restate this objective with even more battles and also, naturally, more web content. As well as specifically from this we concern speak today, given that from SNK they want to accomplish their promise and also, for it, they have actually introduced a complimentary DLC **.