Number of connectors is nearly 300,000 at once! “Destiny 2” long-awaited new extension “Jet black queen” is a strong slippery

On February 23, the latest expansion of “ DESTINY” series, the latest extension of “ DESTINY” series, which is a masterpiece that has been acquired to Sony Interactive Entertainment the other day, from the new Bungie, the latest extension “Jet Black Queen” of the series is PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox X | Launched for S / Xbox ONE. In the “Jet Black Queen”, “Jet Black Queen”, which is the first three-part of “ Destiny 2 “, “Jet Black Queen”, Guardian gets a powerful new skill, and the enemies of humanity You will be afraid to be astonishing to protect. In addition, the new season “rehabilitated season” was also released on the same day.

In the extended content “Jet Black Queen” and the New Season “Returned Season” draw a guardian figure that fights to regain light from Sabusung, a God of Hau. Guardian, who has released the conspiracy of Witch Queen over a year or more, has a new location “Tamaki World”.

There, the Gardian has a growing expansion of Haive “Lucent Blue”, which manipulates the power of the light that has been used for many centuries, and more out of testing. In the “resusive season”, the player uses the light suppression technology brought about by the unstable alliance with the Kabar’s Emperor Kiatol, and it takes place in the Hif military of the Witch Queen who has obtained the power of light.

In the “Jet Black Queen”, various elements such as introducing a weapon creation system, adding new proximity weapon graves, and new locations, such as the “throne world” and adding new laids, are added.

“Jet Black Queen” Launched at the same time with the new season “The resusive season” will soon be able to earn a new season rank. In this season, Guardian cooperates with the Kabar’s Emperor Kieatle to prevent the plan of Savascia, and takes place in the army of Lucent Hive, which manipulates light that threatens the humanity and the solar system. Let’s capture the season events while clearing new missions.

Also, on March 6, a high-sight raid “Oath of the school brother” will be published for all the “Jet Black Queen” owners. As well as combat skills, let’s unlike the teamwork and the thinking ability to make a total mobilization and impossible task.

At the same time as the release of this Raid, a global tournament that determines the fired team that he first captured the Raid in the world will start. The Fire team won the “World’s first” title honor and “World’s first” title belt is given to each team member. The winning team will be officially announced within a few days after the Raid start.

Immediately after the release, the number of concurrently connected people in STeam is shown to be approaching the largest number of the same work, and it has become an excellent rising. As for more than 1 million people reserve, it is likely to be an exciting line up in the beginning of the release.

“Destiny 2” New Extended Content “Jet Black Queen” is on sale at PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.


Announced the new game black clover

Currently, the developer Vic Game Studios and the Editor Pearl Abyss are working on a new video game based on the popular Anime Black Clover. Mobile Black Clover will be launched on iOS and Android devices in 2022 in Japan. At the time of writing this article, a launch was not yet announced outside the region. However, given the global popularity of the series and the manga that inspired it, it seems very possible that it may end up located at some point in the future. Hopefully, the fans out of Japan will not stay waiting for the game for a long time!

In addition to the ad, Pearl Abyss has launched a fairly significant advance for Mobile Black Clover, which can be found embedded below.

Black Clover Mobile - 1st Official Trailer | NEW GAME 2022 ブラッククローバーモバイル
As we can see in the trailer, tribal black Mobile is a role game in which players can visit key moments of the series again, as we have seen in games like Dragon Ball z: Pavarotti. While Asia seems to be the main protagonist of the game, it seems that players will have the ability to unlock several characters that cover the series, possibly in a manner similar to impact of Gen shin. Beginning around the two-minute mark, we can see several shown characters, each with season one in their profile, possibly indicating the first batch of characters that will be available.

With a bit of luck, mobile black clover will be up to the promise of your trailer! In recent years, some Black Clover games have been released, including those of 2018. Black Clover: Quartet Knights at PlayStation 4 and PC. Estate can now be played in Salto, although that game will be eliminated from the digital stores in February 2022, so the Black Clover fans who have not had the opportunity to see could want to do it in the near future. It could spend some time before mobile black clover throwing out of Japan, but meanwhile, readers can check our previous coverage of the series right here.

Are you a Black Clover fan? Would you like to see Mobile Black Clover released outside of Japan? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


Black Friday Xbox game sale slashes prices on most significant titles of the year up until now

The Game Honors are an annual honor event that benefits services in the video game industry. At the festivities are also ideas of new titles as well as comprehensive seek to see already announced video games. The shows are generated and also regulated by Geoff Kafka, who has helped over 10 years on its predecessor, the Spike Video Game Awards.

With Black Friday Xbox Series X deals starting to appear, you’ll want to keep an eye on expanding your collection by ordering some titles from this Black Friday Xbox video game sale, which has discount rates of approximately 90% on a few of this year’s greatest games, including Much Cry 6, Back 4 Blood, as well as Resident Evil Village.

The Black Friday Xbox Series X deals are quite remarkable, with the most current installment in the Much Cry series is 33% off at just over $40. Left 4 Dead spiritual follower Back 4 Blood is just slightly a lot more pricey at $41.99, down by 30%, and also Video game of the Year contender Resident Evil Village is half rate at simply $29.99.

Somewhere else there goes to least 30% off on video games like Life is Strange: True Shades, Psychopath 2, as well as Wonder’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Those are seriously outstanding discount rates, specifically when you think about that every one of those video games introduced over the last few months, as well as we may normally expect these somewhat steeper discounts to begin going down later in a game’s life-cycle.

There are essentially numerous deals available as component of the Xbox Black Friday sale, a lot of that it would be difficult to highlight every one of them, however you can take a look via them yourself if you want the full picture. That stated, below are a few of the outright standouts.

Much Cry 6|$59.99.

Far Cry 6| || $59.99|| $40.19 at Xbox.

BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Best Buy Video Game Sale LIVE NOW! The Best PS5, Switch & Xbox Deals!
A third off relatively right after launch, this is a charitable discount rate on the most up to date in the long-running Far Cry collection, set in the Caribbean-inspired world of Yard.

View Offer.

FIFA 22|$59.99.

FIFA 22| || $59.99|| $35.99 at Xbox.
An additional recent release with a steep price cut at an early stage, FIFA’s latest getaway continues the series’ run of kind on top of the football gaming ecosystem.

Sight Deal.


Resident Evil Village| || $59.99|| $29.99 at
Fresh off its Ultimate Video Game of the Year triumph at the Golden Joystick Honors, you can order the well-known Resident Evil Village at half price.

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The Xbox Collection X is assisting lead the charge when it concerns current-gen gaming consoles, but if you’re a committed Sony fan, you can have a look at these Black Friday PS5 offers, or Black Friday gaming computer deals if you elegant taking your Microsoft experience to PC instead.