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Spy Ring Quest Guide – Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

The espionage ring is a quest you get from a noble in Mount and Blade 2: BannerLord. It seems to appear randomly in the games, without any specific noble that you have to find or talk to get it. Before entering the steps we know, you should know that this quest causes a lot of grief in the community. Some people are struggling to finish it, and this could be due to some bugs because of the nature of early access to the game.

Noble Clan Recruitment Advanced Guide | Bannerlord Mechanics

For this quest, you have to discover a spy who works to undermine the rule of the Lord who gives you the quest. The only known thing about spy is that he will participate in a tournament.

What you will need to do is talk to the greatest number of people in the city until you get three clues. This seems to be the RNG, so we suggest you to direct you to the tavern and talk to the greatest number of people as possible, which will bring you, hopefully, the three indices. Otherwise, you will have to walk in the streets looking for people to talk.

There will be three indexes in total, which will give you an approximate indicator of who you are looking for. When you have the three indices, browse the city and hold Alt left. This will highlight three areas in which there are three different gangs. The spy you are looking for will be in one of these gangs.

Now, some people report that the indices are incorrect and you can not identify the person you are looking for from them. A popular problem seems to be an index saying that the spy is not bald, only one of the three possible spies having hair, but still not the true spy when you face them.

When you feel satisfied with your choice as to the identity of the spy, you must talk to him and make him fight in duel. What should happen is that you kill the spy and the quest is over. If you choose the wrong person, it will become a murder and the mission will fail.

It’s a pretty buggy quest right now, according to various player reports, so it would be better to just ignore it if it appears in your game. We played the mission, but we had similar problems with those of Other players, with confused indices and an accusation of murder at the end.

We will make sure to keep an eye on future update notes and update this article with all the additional information that is revealed or the fixes that could happen.

Blade and soul

G123 “Queens Blade Limit Break” New ★ 5 Biece “Snow White” appears White Day Event!

CTW Corporation announced a white day event held by the HTML5 game “Queen’s Blade Limit Break” (hereinafter referred to as Quilimi) in the game service “G123” (hereinafter referred to as Kui Rimi).

CTW Corporation announces the HTML5 game “Queens Blade Limit Break” (hereinafter referred to as Quilimi) in the game service “G123” (hereinafter referred to as Kui Rimi), and we will inform you of the holding of the white day event that “Snow White” appears.

  • Game start
  • Official SNS Twitter: line:

# White day event is held!

# New ★ 5 fighter “Snow White” appeared!

“Snow White” will appear as a limited time as a new ★ 5 stroller.

Snow White will be the first wounds that will enter from “Queen’s Blade Her Glimal”. Furthermore, since the service shot will appear at the same time, don’t miss this opportunity!

# Snow White Service Shot Changes to a Special Costume!

Snow White’s service shot is a special specification of the White Day event.

By strengthening the rank of licks, you will be able to earn a new service shot. As it is a special costume that motif white day, please get it.
※ Information as of March 11, 2012.
※ The contents of the event may be changed and discontinued without notice.
※ Limited time character may appear again.

# Queen’s Blade Limit Break (Quilimi)?

“Quilimi” is a turn-based RPG that the wounds appearing in the Queen’s Blade series strongly and fighter.

Battleists go to adventure to increase their leave time and collect items and experience values, so it is an easy game that can be crispy.

Bilms with wounds and aim at the top of Queen’s Blade.

# What is Queens Blade?

Queens Blade, it’s the most strongest and most beautiful queen under the name of God. Who is the glorious boulder or I do not know if it does not fight.

“Queen’s Blade”, which has been born as a “opposite visual book” in 2005, and has sent out more than 40 sexy strikes to the world one after another. The character settings and the world view are almost as it is, and the latest work “Queen’s Blade Unlimited” developed with a new story is developed.

# Game Basic Information

Title: Queens Blade Limit Break Destination: G123 Genre: RPG Price: Basic Free (In-game Item Charge System) Game Start: Official Twitter: Official LINE:

# What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

Official Site:
The G123 is a next-generation game service that allows you to easily enjoy a full-scale game on a web browser without a member registration or data download.

A large number of high quality authentic HTML5 games that can only be played here, including “Vivid Army” and popular animation works.

Furthermore, by linking data with your SNS, it is possible to freely switch up the latest save data with your smartphone and tablet personal computer.

# About CTW Corporation

A comprehensive internet platform service company that operates the game platform “G123 (Giichinisan)”.

Company name: CTW Corporation: 〒 106-0032 Hongmi 1-9-10 Arc Hills Sengoku Yamamori Tower representative: Sasaki Ryuichi Established: August 2013 Capital Capital: Platform Business URL: Platform Business URL:

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