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Blue Archive Popular Ranking as a Dictionary Reservation Korea 1 Taiwan 3rd place

Net Games developed and the <Blue Archive, which is served in Nixon, has begun ahead of the Dictionary download that started ahead of the day.

As a result of the contribution of the Disuse Games, is the first place in the Korean Apple App Store, and the third place in the Korea Apple App Store, and the third place in the Taiwan App Store. The game has not been regularly launched, and it is a result of achieving dictionary download that started in the morning of the 8th.

Apple usually reflects the number of download values ​​in real time, while Google has some time differences. Without such a problem, the Google Store is expected to record the upper later in the Google Store.

Korea App Store Popular Ranking. Blue Archive is 1st

Taiwanese popularity ranking. I am writing 3rd place

is a new work of PD, which is famous for . It is also a new mobile game that belongs to the so-called beautiful girl character collection type game.

[SECRET NUMBER] Media Korea Rilis Artikel 'Girl Group Multinasional Paling Populer Saat Ini'

Especially, this game is a game that is a game that is developed in Korea, but in Japan, first in Japan, we start the service first this year. I have led to a good response by attracting popularity to the sales ranking TOP 10 in the local.

in Japan, we have proceeded through Soda, but in Korea and Global, the service will proceed through Nixon. Basically, the ability of Japanese plates and Korean plates is not significantly different, and content updates are proceeded with the same schedule as Japan. And in the illustrations of illustrations, it is attracting attention because it maintains the same as Japan.

is officially open at 8 am on the 9th.

Blue Archive Games

Blue Archive 10 days in 10 days ago

Nexon said that the number of pre-registration participants in the subcrete game Blue Archive developed by the subsidiary Net Games, said that it has exceeded 1 million people in 10 days.

Blue Archive is a subcrete game with the exciting stories of many institutes and club students, and is the development of MX Studios, which is known as Kim Yong-ha, known as Deokwoo , which is a successful Deokwoo . Before the launch of domestic and global simultaneous in November, we started the pre-registration from the last 14 days to exceeding 500,000 participants in the day, and they are quickly collecting 100 million people and collecting the expectations of users.

Nexon offers additional compensation to commemoration of exceeding a dictionary registrant. Additional registrants will be added to the 800 blue stones , with four-step rewards due to breakthrough.

I was surprised not only to participate in pre-registration, and I would like to participate in pre-registration as well as Korea as well as Korea, and I said,

The pre-registration and events of this Blue Archive can be found through the official community.

Blue Archive Games

Blue archive blue archive

As login or log-in (to) log in = login , login → [user] login , also: sign-in / sign-on, log-on usf.) The process is designated (logging in) in a computer system. Usually, the operation is used to communicate to the computer system that now a session begins and that the user wants to be linked to a user account that gives it certain access rights. The login serves to identify and authenticate the user.

Yostar Co., Ltd. reported a limited time login bonus campaign for a limited time login bonus campaign for the application game Blue Archive -blue Archive- .

Yostar Co., Ltd., we will inform you of the opening of the application game Blue Archive -blue Archive- (Development: Nat Games) Login Bonus Campaign.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Memorial Login Bonus! Held!

Logging in for a total of 7 days during the period allows you to obtain blue pyroxene and limited furniture. Login The 1st day to the 6th day, blue pyroxene is 100 pieces daily, and it is possible to get a limited furniture Halloween shooting set that can decorate the cafe on the 7th day.
Please login and get a reward.

▼ Holding period
October 20, 2021 (Wed) 4: 00-November 3 (Wed) 3:59

Development Campaign Held!

NORMAL Drop amount 2x UP is being held!

During the period, the drop volume of the NORMAL reward item is doubled.
Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (Wed) 4: 00 and October 24 (Sun) 3:59

HARD (HARD) Drop amount 2x UP scheduled!

During the period, the drop volume of the HARD reward item is doubled.
Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period

October 24, 2021 (Sun) 4: 00 and October 27 (Wed) 3:59

Blue Archive -blue Archive-

Blue Archive-Blue Archive- is a new smartphone game app that fuses [Gakuen × Youth × Story] to give Yostar in 2021.
This work is a character RPG characterized by the girls who attend various schools and the vision of the animated style and the next-generation visual tactical battle drawn with full 3D.

Blue Archive -blue Archive- Tizer PV 4


Name: Blue Archive-BLUE ARCHIVE-Genre: RPG Distribution Model: IOS / Android Delivery Date: February 4, 2021 Procedure: Basic Free (Item Charge) Official Site: https: // Official Twitter: https : // archivejp rights notation: © 2020 Nat Games Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. © 2020 Yostar, Inc. ALL Rights Reserved.

Company Profile

Company name: Yostar Co., Ltd. Address: 〒 101-0022 Koda-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Real Estate Akihabara Ekimae Building 11th Deputy Director: Li Ha

Blue Archive Games

Why can Blue Archive emoticons only be used for 30 days

[Blue Archive] Animation PV_Full ver.
<Blue Archive>, which is served in Nexon, has started to reserve advance since 14th. And on the 15th, it is causing a hot response to achieve a number of reservations right away. On one side, as a KakaoTalk emoticon , we have collected the topic again, deploying the secondary creative emoticon with the Mall? Lu cone. However, this KakaoTalk emoticon is only 30 days. Because of this, many users are shouting to enable usual use , but … Actually, Nexon can not do it. What is the rear matter? ▶▶ Subscribe to the wet a waterside channel https: // gzmgtanxoxxtu1lmirnw/? Sub confirmation = 1

Blue Archive Game

Nexon Blue Archive Dictionary reservation Korea only OST is also released

Nexon began the pre-registration of the subcrete game Blue Archive developed by the subsidiary Net Games on the 14th.

The pre-registration is carried out through Google Play, Apple App Store, and one stage, depending on the number of pre-registration accumulations, and the blue-tailed stone , Credits and 2 Castle Character , etc. Pasting the participant power to the participant power when the highest step 500,000 achieves will pay 1,400 blue and 150,000 credits , a 2-star character Mutsuki . In addition, participating in pre-registration will be paid 50, 000 credits .

In addition, the Blue Archive official YouTube channel is subscribed to the official YouTube channel, offers Blue Archive KakaoTalk emoticons to 50,000 first-come, first-come. In addition, it is a new community for blue archive that can be created anonymously, and the official Twitter will be released on a variety of contents to commemorate advance registration on the official Twitter.

Memorial of the pre-registration, Japan s Famous Sung Woo Ogura Yui and Condo Raya s Condensing video also released. Ogura Yui participated as a voice actor of Shiroko , a popular character, and Condo Raynah acted Aru .

Nexon first released a new OST Target for LOVE Korea / Global only OST Target For Love , a Blue Archive Korea / Global Private OST The new OST is playing a piano solo part of the singer Lee Jin-a, and shows a lyrical and fantasy sound source that matches the game worldview.

Meanwhile, the Blue Archive , which is ahead of domestic and global simultaneous release in November, is a subcrete game with the exciting stories of many institutes and club students, and MX Studios, which is known as a successful Deokwoo , It is a development of.

The pre-registration of this Blue Archive can be found through the pre-registration page.

Blue Archive Gaming

Nexon Blue Archive New OST Target for Love

[Data provided: Nexon]

[Blue Archive] Animation PV_Full ver.

The new OST Target for Love of the subcrete game is released on the 14th, and the use of users is becoming a popularity. In the composer, the composer and pop jazz singer songwriter were participated, and Lee Jin-ah participated, and the unique voices of Lee Jin-a have been able to live with a bright, clean atmosphere and worldview as it is.

The Target for Love was produced by Future Base Genre to create a mood and a bright atmosphere. Game unique schools, urban background elements are felt, and the lyrics of the soul of this world are stuck, and the library of the girls were stuck, and the girls of the girls were put on the girls.

Future base genre to the bright and blue atmosphere

Target for love was produced by Future Base Genre, which emphasized the base and synthesizer to save the charm point of the beautiful girl s subscirement game. I put a bright musical factor in the background of the PV animation that characters appeared, and I took a look at pastel toned, such as stinging a bright musical element and a good bell lyrics with the starlight.

Thanks to the familiar Japanese Future Base Genre, I added pop elements with guitar and sinus to reveal the full of . Moon Luminous Composer said, This music will give you another feeling after you play Blue Archive , This music will feel that this music is Blue Archive after experiencing the world of the game, I said, he said.

Target for love with the user and the character

The lyrics of Target for Love contained the daily life of teachers (user) and students (characters) in the school city. You and my heart have a story that the story is flying on the wind, like Make Me Smile , and you can feel the fun of the subcrete game. In addition, it was also added a dynamic element that combat in the city and the distance to fit the PV animation combat scene.

The user can feel the excitement of the game, seeing the world view of the game, watching the world view of the game, watching the world view of the game, watching the various characters that appear in <Blue Archive.

The unique tone of Lee Jin-a and the performance of the piano performance Performance

A pop jazz singer Song Lighter with a unique tone The Baijina participated in her singing and composer to enhance the completeness of her music. In addition to playing piano, this was not only a specialty solo, a clear tone of Yinja, and has been achieved a plump of the artist. A user who watched the Target for Love said, Lee Jin-a was so amazed in vocals, said the game OST is very pleased to be made of this quality.