Kirby´s Dream Buffet already has a release date

One of the ads with which Nintendo surprised us a couple of weeks ago was with Kirby’s Dream Buffet , a title that will be fully focused on the local multiplayer and online where mechanics are somewhat peculiar. And now, after waiting for a very short time, it has already been confirmed when players can take a look at their switch .

According to the last trailer released by Nintendo , the video game will be put on sale on the next August 17 , this to follow the celebration of the 30th anniversary that has manifested throughout the current year. It is worth noting that this title will not have physical format, thus being an exclusive of the eShop like other games of the pink ball.


Here the new trailer:

It is worth commenting, that Kirby’s Dream Buffet will have their own skills, which have not been previously shown in some other video game of the Hal Laboratory franchise . Although it is necessary to play yes or yes in multiplayer, so a subscription to switch online will be necessary, otherwise there will only be local mode.

Remember that this title is exclusive to Nintendo Switch .